Is greige color still available???

  1. Hi,,,

    I really wanna get greige color esp in twiggy/box styles, as i haven't got both styles yet.

    Firstly, i intended to go for naturel GH part time, but i ended up with marine. Also, when i saw naturel IRL, i didn't like it that much. Still, i really want to get one in tht tone but a little bit different. Then, i begin to think abt greige. It just grows on my mind. Is it still available? I have been searching around eBay but didn't find one.:wlae: I live in TH. So, please suggest the website tht i can buy from oversea:rolleyes:

    ohhh one more thing, i'm curious abt blue glacier. Is it also called "periwinkle"?
    Does it belong to SS07 or prefall/fall? I thought i saw from ateliernaff that it was from SS07 color swatch, but sb just insisted tht it would be released next season. i'm a bit confused:confused1:

    Pleaseeee help in so many b bags to choose from...there is only one official shop!!!...poor me:sad:

    i also attached my new GH marine...i just love it so much now...:yahoo:
  2. Your marine is so beautiful.:yes: Greige twiggy/box sounds good. Sorry I haven't got a clue what stores still have them. Maybe the other lovely Pfers know where to get hold of one of those babies.
  3. If you want Greige I would try for a box first since that style is discontinued. :sad:
  4. Ooooo! I was at BalNY two weeks ago, and they had a BEAUTIFUL greige box. They also had one with a mark on if you call, talk to Kim, and ask her if there's one available and if so, is it the one they had with the mark, or is it the good one.
  5. as of last Saturday BalNy still had the greige box! good luck!
  6. million thanks 2 all of u...

    do u have the website/email or number tht i can call from oversea??? do they ship outside the US???

    how abt blue glacier? is it gonna be released soon? does it belong to SS07 or next season?

  7. Your marine is gorgeous and greige is SOOOOO beautiful. Call around, I think you will find a Greige box or Twiggy.
  8. 212.206.0872 is the main number...I think you have to press 2 to speak with a sales assistant.
  9. Aloharag has greige mini bowling and purses in stock, as well as some greige accessories. I just got their updated PDF.
  10. Hello K.Maew,
    It's me, SAI.
    Can't P' Jum / P' Maew or whoeva get it for you?
    I know I know that Bbag shop here contains very few colors and styles! How bad!
    Maybe I will email my sis to find the Greige for you. She always hang around in NY. Pray for her...LOL!
    Do you want only in Twiggy or Box? Bowling is so cute as well, isn't it?
    I will call / email you if my sis can do the great job for you....I wish too!!!
    Sai (Sandy)
  11. thks all ladies...

    Sandyinspace,,,really really appreciate your kindness...i emailed u already...i keep my fingers crossed tht ur sister can get it for me...

    For bowling, i've tried's cute but i don't love it like twiggy/box
  12. Your Marine is gorgeous!
  13. Hi
    The bleu glacier is also called periwinkle and is from this year's summer season. Here in the UK the stores are saying that it's expected in around the end of March. I guess that it will be a similar situation in other countries. Hope you find a Greige.