Is green evelops means LV FAKE!!!

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  1. I just bought a mini pleaty denim ( it's my first LV) and i didn't know how the evelops or dust bag look..but i read in this forum that green evelope means it's fake..the color of the evelope is green..I want to post pics but i don't know how.. the pics are in my computer and i tried to do ( copy-paste) but it doesn't work..How can i post the pics..I want to make sure my LV not fake!!! please help!!!
  2. Please I need your help!!! anyone!!
  3. first you need to post in the authenticate this sticky when you do. then upload the photos to and they will translate the photos into http language. then when u are ready to post copy the URL link from photobucket and click the little mountain at the top of the text box on the purse forum and past the link into the pop up box. it will insert the picture into your message. I hope that makes sense.

    and the green envelopes are a bad omen
  4. No, your Vuitton is NOT a fake. Go on Louis Vuitton: luxury leather luggage, French fashion designer and select USA. In the website go on Catalog, not e-shopping, select Women, City bags & Briefcases, Monogram Denim, Mini Pleaty, and click on select a color, and select Lichen. The Mini Pleaty exists well in green.
  5. She's not talking about the green denim, but an envelope that comes with a purchase. Green envelopes are a bad sign of a fake. Please post pictures of your bag, and everything that came with your purchase.
  6. i think that she meant green envelope not the pleaty bag itself.
  7. I will try it right now..THANKS
  8. Ok, i'm french, i had not understood, all english words. Sorry !!! :shame:
  9. Here are the pics..the 1st one[​IMG]
  10. What do you think? Is it fake?????
  11. Where did you buy it from?
  12. ^ Your first link is not working properly.
  13. how much did you pay for it? i can't really see the fabric clearly.
  14. it doesnt look right to me. I don't have any denim pieces so i cant tell u for sure.
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