Is green Chevron turquiose in colour?

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  1. Can anyone has seen a green Chevron IRL tell me what's its exact shade of green? It looks grass green in Alice's photo but it looks turquoise in personalshoppers' photo. I'm not fond of grass green but turquoise is amazing!
    Thanks a million!:ty:

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  2. If there is only one green, then I have seen it IRL. The colour is closer to the colour in the second pic. Sorry :sad:
  3. oh! :sad: Thanks a lot anyway.
  4. No worries. Maybe Chanel will come up with colour you want in the future. Cheer up girl!:flowers:
  5. I saw the green last week and it is beautiful. It is kind of a soft, emerald green with a touch of blue, making it a little less yellow than green. I almost bought it, but I knew I already had a green bag in my closet....sigh.
  6. ^so is the shade closer to the left photo or right photo?
  7. i think actual color depends on lighting conditions... boutiques mostly use halogen spotlights, giving off a yellowish tinge on everything -- including one's skintone. if personalshopper works w/ studio lights, its possible that color may be close to accurate, since such lighting effects are intended to depict daylight...

    regardless though, true color may only be determined under natural daylight... or at least closest to a window, as stepping out w/ a bag may sound off the alarm! :P

    ps... i hope its more turq!
  8. ^That's why photos from boutqiues always look crappy. It is always photos from department stores that are enabling!
  9. I have seen this in the boutique too. The colour is closer to the right pic, maybe slightly lighter but still, it's a beautiful green.
  10. Thanks!

    Has anybody seen it in department stores with white light think the green looks closer to the left?
  11. I've seen it twice, in the boutique and in NM and both times it looks closer to the pic on the left, but I don't know if lighting condition has anything to do with it. This green is really beautiful, btw!
  12. here's another confusing pair, but both taken w/ flash...

    courtesy of heavenli (source: Nordstrom)
  13. ^OMG! Thanks!!! That's a amazing! or you think it's wiser to buy a black?
  14. uh oh... i dunno... they're both sooo you! :biggrin: ...well, but if you wanna be safe, and since the chevron pattern is already unique on its own, go classic black. on the other hand, if this turns out to be a turquish green, its simply irresistible!

    or maybe get a green woc or m/l instead? but you don't do m/l's, right?
  15. ^I thought about getting a WOC but I think the colour resembles my turquoise WOC. That's why I think I should pass. and you are right. I don't do m/l. You know me so well! :smile: