is graphite the same as anthracite?

  1. HELP!!! Anybody knows the difference between graphite and anthracite?

    Are they different or the same color?

    Thanks everyone!!
  2. I am pretty sure they are two distinct colors in Croc. Anthracite (shiny) is an older shade that is dark grey with a very slight brown/taupey undertone to it, whereas Graphite Croc (available in shiny and matte) is presently available and is a true charcoal gray. Hopefully Lilach will pop in and confirm!
  3. Here is a photo of Helen Lee Schifter's Anthracite Croc Kelly--I am almost 100% sure hers is Anthracite as I remember reading an article about how she described her Kelly as "Anthracite" and the way she's paired the Kelly w/brown pants really shows the brown undertones. There may be better photos of it floating around in the Socialites thread, but it's hard to find w/o the search function at the moment.
  4. :confused1::confused1::confused1:Is this graphite or anthracite?
    Anthracite front.jpg anthracite back.jpg anthracite back side.jpg
  5. It looks like Graphite Clemence to me, although the lighting doesn't render the color very true. I don't think Anthracite ever came in Clemence.
  6. Hi Orchids, thanks for the help!! I'm still confused because when compared to Mrs.S's posting of her friend's JPG graphite, the color is very different?
  7. I stalk graphite the way the paps stalk Britney, and to me that looks like Graphite.

    I loves me some Graphite.:love:
  8. the color is graphite as far as i know h never named that color anthracite
  9. The color is different compared to MrsS' photo making it look like Vert Bronze, but I think it's because the lighting is very pink/yellow. Logically, it should be Graphite Clemence since you can see the contrast stitching. Is there anyway to get a clearer photo of it under whiter lights?
  10. fogot to add that is for croc as i remember when the color first came out it stated graphite but was called anthracite by my manager when he described the color
    anthracite is a color for ostrich and it was a color in gulliver but i never paid attention to it but believe it looks quite the same :shrugs:
  11. The Bi-colored Lindy I bought is Anthracite Clemence with a lighter shade of Gray .. (can't remember the name of it) .. the bag definitely has a brownish undertone to it!
  12. Wow BW, that's an amazing Lindy! That is fascinating that Clemence now comes in Anthracite; must be a new shade. Yikes...sorry WB that must confuse matters for you. Do you happen to know what year the Birkin in the photo is from?
  13. Nice combo.
  14. :drool:this is unique and beautiful!
  15. BW, your Lindy is stunning! I love the combination
    of colors. :smile: