is grands fonds II really hard to find

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  1. i just want to know if i should be kicking myself that i had it in blue at the sale and i let it get away. in the regular carre size.
  2. it does come up on eBay from time to time and does not get the same crazy bidding as far as I've seen as the regular GF. I actually have seen it at a NM as well.

    The blue colorway is really pretty though....
  3. GF II is my favourite. I like it better than GF. I have all the colourways except for pink...I'm glad you didn't see the pink and not buy it!! LOL!!
  4. Gees, I've been looking for a GF II for ever. I don't ever see it anywhere. :sad:
  5. shoot. it was my first day. i almost got it for my mom but opted for les zebras. shoot. sorry :sad:
  6. Don't worry, I am resigned to searching for it. At least be happy that it does nothing for you and you won't be doomed to break your wallet on eBay on fish designs. :rolleyes:
  7. lol. i was considering it for my mom but decided not to risk it. now i wish i had...