Is graffiti seasonal?

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  1. Is graffiti seasonal item..?
    i havent yet had the chance to check out the graffiti accessories that are out.. is this a seasonal collection..or super limited . does anyone know?
    and ive been reading on forums that there is soon going to be a price increase... does that mean the graffiti leather goods will be released with the higher price that it is currently listed on the website?
  2. suppose to be limited edition. It is not a regular item.
  3. Was told today by my SA that graffiti is seasonal like the roses. Has anybody else heard otherwise ?
  4. i heard it was limited edition
  5. In the store book I saw Graffiti is listed as "One Shot" so, limited and stock will not be renewed.

    I think this is going to be mad crazy.
  6. From what I understand the quantities of both Roses and Graffiti are very limited. The boutique here in Oslo only received two Roses Speedys, and one was reserved for window display. They only got ONE of the Sprouse books, and the SA showed me a Neverfull, but it was reserved for someone else, and she didn't have any available for purchase.
    I really want to get a Neverfull GM in Graffiti and from what I understood they expected to get a very small quantity of those, maybe a couple in each color. I hope I can get my hands on one:smile:
  7. i've heard both limited and "not limited"... so who knows.
  8. I heard seasonal for at least two months:yes:
  9. yesterday my SA said they are limited edition and at least over here they carried just a few and also she said that in Paris they want people go to their stores and don't buy them online
  10. My SA said they are limited, but there are quite a few laying around the store.
  11. I went to LV store today. My SA said the Rose is limited edition and Graffiti is more limited than Rose.
  12. I think it's all just talk to get people riled up, I hope it is at least, I need to think about the green keepall too. I was told seasonal, meaning about 2 months of production.