Is graffiti a problem in your town?

  1. There is enough of it that it is a pain for business owners. It sucks to see a brand new building with graffiti all over it. At least they have stayed away from some of the old buildings downtown, those buildings are really beautiful.
  2. Are you kidding! That sh*t is everywhere! When my SO owned his shoe store(It burnt down:crybaby:) We were constantly on the phone with the owners of the building to paint over graffiti. Those little vandals!
  3. Not really, downtown near out skate park we have actuall brick walls that are made for ppl to draw graffiti so i guess that helps!
  4. It's all over the place. Something really popular is the "listen bird". There's a whole flicker album on it.
  5. Thanks goodness, no.
  6. im from Oakland, so yea big problem,,,,especially in schools!!!!
  7. No, not at all. I think the young people themselves are doing a great job of practicing and getting their skillz down before adorning anything publicly visible - as well as assigning non-painting roles to those who simply can't get the hang of it, or whose talents are in other areas.

    As a result, all our graffiti is at worst, commercially acceptable, and at best, and usually, very artistic and beautiful to behold!
  8. Graffiti isn't a problem here. It's a small town and there's a ton of cops, so there's no way kids could finish something without getting caught. But, some kids went around and put stickers for some local band EVERYWHERE. They've been there for a few years now...
  9. What sort of graffiti are we talking about? I can understand people getting upset over profanities spray painted and walls, but some of the stuff out there is gorgeous!

    When my family and I would drive to New York, on the ride over there we'd pass a graffiti memorial to Big Pun and I remember thinking that not only was it such a sweet gesture, but it was so beautifully done.

    This site shows some beautiful pieces:
  10. I live in northern VA and I-95 south was actually on the news here recently because some people shimmied up an exit ramp pole to cover over the words w/ graffiti. Most of it in my area is just junk, but, some of the best art I've seen is graffiti...I got some amazing pictures last winter at Venice Beach in CA of beautiful graffiti!
  11. here, I found some pics that I took:


  12. yes, but i don't really pay much attention to it.
  13. Ugh, YES. I'm okay with the ones that actually represent something other than gang signs (there's government programs that give them walls to paint murals and so on). The neighborhood behind mine has a serious gang problem though, and my car was vandalized once. They sprayed black paint on my red car all through the side!! Luckily, it came off with rubbing alcohol. But I was still pretty pissed!
  14. Kinda. I like meaningful,beautiful ART type of graffiti.

    But there are stupid ones dads house..well the garage..kept getting sprayed with something like "WS 13" and we got it painted, but then by the next week, they did it again..and we painted it over..again..and they did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yep. They grafitti, it gets painted over, and then some idiot goes right back over it again. I remember when I lived with my parents they even grafittied my neighbor's fence once.

    My ex is into this whole thing of putting up stickers everywhere. I guess that is the new graffiti thing. He thinks it's so cool. It kind of embarasses me that I used to date this guy.