Is goyard st louis worth the money?

FWIW I bought a PM this year and use it pretty regularly… it looks great. No wear at all. I was apprehensive given the reviews, and even the store’s warnings, but took the plunge and happy I did. I will say though I use it as a purse not a tote, as in I don’t carry heavy things in it or load it up. I carry my makeup bag, card holder wallet, phone, mini pack of wipes, and a change of clothes for my daughter (the latter being very light). Basically I use it like I would a mini bag, and just use the extra “space” for bulky light items… not heavy items. I somewhat regret buying my Boheme before this, since I bought that thinking it’d wear better… which it wears well but I only needed the St Louis.
I love these bags - I have one in black and one in green and I'm looking at adding sky blue next year. They are cheerful, hold a crap ton and mine look amazing compared to my other totes. I admit that I wish the handle drop was puffy coat-friendly, but I manage.
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My SL had held up well, so to me, it’s worth it for my usage. Handles, corners, stitching all good. My marquises had handle cracks from the beginning, without any use.
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ive been using mine.. GM.. for more than 10yrs now.
yeah it has faded abit..just abit.
dirty inner. corners torn. and the strap....ooh man.. dont wana go into that

But with all the negative all said...
im glad i have it and i will .. and intend to purchase it again.

the material and design may show signs of wear n tear.. i dont mind.
I like how it ages with time.
it still holds as a bag. and i can be rough with it.
( if u dont like aging bags , pls dont get the Saint Louis. )
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