Is gold HW really harder to come by?

  1. I have been told by friends, as well as an SA at an Hermes boutique, that gold hardware is harder to come by, compared to palladium. Does anyone know if it's true? And also, does a bag with gold hardware cost a bit more?

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  2. Welcome! I have not heard of this shortage.
  3. I think it depends on locality. In Asia (or at least in Singapore), the stores tend to order in palladium hardware as compared to gold hardware due to much higher demand for the former.

    No difference in price for hardware. Unless it comes with lots of bling bling!
  4. Welcome evekitti!

    I think if you're talking about ordering....then no difference in cost or availability, but you will probably see more palladium in stores since it's been so popular in recent years.
  5. I had no problem getting my gold/gold birkin. I think that it is a common combo. Other combos, like BJ/gold might be harder to come by. But if you order the bag, it should be no problem.

  6. I have been reading a lot about special orders on tpf. Is this something reserved for VVIP clients only? Or is this available only at certain boutiques, and only at certain times of the year?
  7. Generally the stores present orders to Paris twice a year in February and July. They are for anyone offered not VVIPs.
  8. Hmmmm......I haven't heard about this. I THINK the stores will try to get bags that sell the best in their area. For example, in Hawaii they tend to get lot's of 30cm Birkins vs. 35's because that's what sells more. But I don't know it this also pertains to hardware color......
  9. i think its just about what the stores order.

    My store loves Gold hW so it comes in all the time!
  10. evekitti, are you in Singapore?

    The business practices of the Singapore stores are no different from those practised elsewhere. Hermes rewards good customers for their loyalty and patronage. And it sometimes come in the form of a special order (SO). The quota for SOs is very small every buying season, and therefore it's extremely difficult to place special orders.

    Palladium is the typical hardware of choice. Bags with GHW are usually ordered only when the buyer/manager knows that there is interest in GHW for a certain colour/leather combo. And bags with GHW are typically ordered for specific customers in mind, whom the SAs know, appreciate GHW.
  11. This is very true. Depends on the change in trends and location of the store. I was having a conversation about this with an SA and only recently has their store started ordering bags w/gold hardware because customers were asking for it. In previous years, they had ordered mostly palladium.
  12. Because of tPF!!!!! :lol: Everyone's asking for black CDC + GHW, gold togo with GHW
  13. I am one of those still dreaming of black CDC + GHW Mrs S. Perhaps someday it shall be available again....
  14. Meanwhile, you have your black box with GHW to baby, medusa.
  15. that's a comforting thought, but I still pine for a black CDC +GHW........