Is Gold HW less versatile?

  1. Do you find gold hardware hard to match? I find that I'm more partial to gold hardwares on certain colors, mainly because it gives the item a more formal feel. I love silver hardware too but sometimes I do feel that a bit of extravagance (thats' the feel gold hardware gives me) can be nice as well.

    My concern is that gold hardware will be difficult to match since most of my jewelries are in silver. What do you ladies think? is it weird to use a bag with gold hardware when the rest of your wardrobe is silver? Granted, I think in my case I'll still carry a gold H/W bag even if I look funny with silver jewelries ... But still, I'd like to hear you ladies' opinion on this matter.
  2. I struggle with this a little and so far have only palladium hw on bags, not only to match my jewelry, but because I prefer it on the two colors I have. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for gold HW on my black box Kelly. I've come to th conclusion that it's fine just to mix everything.
  3. That's what I'm thinking too ... I mean, it would look funky if I have a mixture of gold and silver jewelries (unless it's one of those where they designed it that way) but with bags, it's kind of more like an extension and not really a piece of jewelry ... Well, that's my reasoning anyway:p
  4. I think mixing is fine...look at the designer Yurman who mixes 'colors' on his jewelry..same for Hermes items I think..
  5. I'm finding that the majority of Hermes bags I have and are waiting for/have ordered have palladium hardware. It's more "universal", IMO.
  6. I guess I'm stubborn with hardwares. I am kind of set in thinking that certain color will go well with certain hardware and only certain hardware. It's like Cobalt Blue ostrich, I can't see it with any other hardware besides palladium or ruthenium; I can't do it with gold. But then with fuchsia, I can see it with both.

    I guess I just want to make sure I'm not violating some fashion rules or something if I end up getting bags with gold hardwares and I wear my silver jewelries (well I know I wouldn't let that stop me but still ...). I have thought of getting gold jewelries but honestly, I look dorky with gold jewelries ...
  7. I think it could go either way, just depending on what you wear ^_^ Gold hardware is easy to dress up or dress down, depending on your wardrobe; I personally (for whatever unknown reason) have gotten in the habit of wearing gold only with casual clothing, and silver/white gold with formal clothing. As in, white skirt, hot pink polo, gold earrings/charm necklace/pink tourmaline and gold rings...I think a bright bag with gold hardware would look really casual/chic/cute with that type of outfit, but you can dress it up for formal clothing at the same time :yes: I see absolutely nothing wrong with mixing hardware colors, but I know it could be really hard to get used to. It still kinda-sorta bothers me still that I wear my two favorite white gold rings every day on my right hand (won't take them off, fave rings that Daddy gave to me), and gold rings on the other if I'm wearing a gold necklace/earrings. But you get past it :smile: As long as you love what you are wearing, you shouldn't care, because no one around you will be be going OH NOS CALL FASHION POLICE, GOLD AND SILVER?!?! NOO!!!! :biggrin: I think it's a really good idea to have at least one bag with gold hardware in your collection!

    Koukanamiya, fuschia and gold = love :biggrin: I think a fuschia croc kelly with gold hardware is GORGEOUS!!!

    And good point about the David Yurman deal! Again, I think it's just something you have to adjust to seeing on yourself :smile:

    And I just now realized exactly how odd/bright my outfit description seems O_o lol sorry if that's a rotten combination, I'm prone to weird clothing combos :biggrin:
  8. Neeya, I'm kind of thinking that for every bag with gold hardware that I get, I want to get one in silver hardware (well, not identical but in same shade of color if possible) ... It's weird because I just noticed that most of my bags (non-Hermes) have gold hardware ... The only exception had been my Goyard, which has silver hardware (goes real well with Goyard's pattern).

    My SO doesn't like gold hardware on anything. he thinks it looks old and gaudy. Me on the other hand, happen to think that gold looks luscious especially when paired with a darker color.
  9. Oh I agree! I think the most classic, tasteful, chic bag you could own is a black kelly with gold hardware! That paired with a black dress or suit, such a lovely image! I don't think you could go wrong with it, and it would match tons of stuff :yes: And I think that's a great idea, to have one of each, lol I'd love to be able to do that! :biggrin: I'd love to have a black kelly with PH, and one with GH, and even more so, a pink/fuschia kelly with PH, and one with GH! :love:

    And my bf is the same way, he can't stand gold :rolleyes:
  10. Kou, I won't bother to choose hardware to go matchy matchy with the jewellery I wear. All my jewellery right now are either in platinum, white gold or rose gold. When I select my jewellery pieces to wear, I will make sure I look colour co-ordinated on myself. I personally regard a standalone item like a bag, pretty separate, and won't attempt to match the hardware. It's just too hard.

    I haven't a single H bag with gold hardware (yet). But when I do, I am quite sure I won't buy yellow gold jewellery to look matchy matchy.
  11. Very cute, mrs s, i agree. BTW Kou, sorry but IMHO fuschia is definitely a cool colur (blue undertones) so it definitely goes with palladium to my eye - not gold.
  12. it doesn't matter.. i wear platinum, white & rose gold every day - regardless of the hardware on my bags.
  13. i NEVER worry about matching my jewelry to the hardware on any of my bags. i wear white gold or platinum most of the time and all the bags on my to get list for now are GH.
  14. kou, I was wondering the same thing and am glad to hear others' opinions. I never even considered tryng to match my jewelry to my hardware until I got the birkin bug. Now every detail is a big deal. :smile:
  15. I prefer gold hardware on my H-bags as it gives the bags a more formal look. I tend to wear most white gold and platinum jewelry on a daily basis. And I'm actually relieved that I ordered a black de coromadel Kelly with g.h:yes: