Is GOLD a color of the S/S 08 2.55??

  1. I'm confused, one SA told me that GOLD will be coming in S/S 08 collection, but another SA told me it is not part of the collection. Can anyone clarify this for me?? Many thanks.:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. yes gold is part of act 1 reissue ss08!
  3. Definetly, because I've just received my Gold reissue 226 today.....and it's stunning :smile:
  4. Yes, it is. If you want one, my guess is that you'll find one because I don't think it's a particularly popular on this go-around. I've seen the gold on display and available for sale at both NM and the Chanel Boutique at Tyson's. All of the other colors were spoken for long before they were actually available (I would never have even known about them if not for tPF or the local NM trunk show). Although I do think that the gold is pretty, I don't do yellow gold and got the dark silver.