Is glove leather the same as Tumble leather?

  1. Just a query about the different leathers...
    I received my Magenta Hanover today and looking at the care card it says it's made from soft leather that has been tumbled? On the label it says soft grain??
    Is this the same as glove leather which it states it's made from on the Mulberry website. It also states to spray it with waterstop?
    Any thoughts,
  2. I'd thought that tumble leather was the new name for glove leather. However, I didn't think that glove needed Collonil spray :confused1: That said, my glove bag is treated bronze so perhaps that's different.

    Are you pleased with it?

    Pics please :yes:
  3. I adore it, the colour is so much better IRL. I've just taken it round to my sister in law and she loves it too.
    On the care card it does say spray it regularly. I'm still waiting for the spray to turn up!!
    I will try to get some pics (probably after my hols now, off on Saturday) and my pain of a brother still has my camera!!!
    Just hope I have the courage to use it?? (It's like the first day I had a brand new cream carpet fitted, and my hubby with a bottle of ketchup, but that's another story)
  4. Hi,

    Glove leather and tumbled leather are not the same as far as I know (which is not far!) Glove is quite soft, my friend who works for Mulberry told me the Magenta Hanover is made from quite a tough leather (goatskin if my memory serves me!) is that what your is??
  5. I don't know it says on the tag, soft grain, and on the care card, soft leather that has been tumbled and on the website it says Glove leather. I may give them a ring out of interest tomorrow. The leather is so much sturdier than I thought it would be, but this is good, as I don't carry alot it won't loose it's shape.
  6. tumble grain is more like darwin than glove