Is Giant hardware here to stay?

  1. I was wondering if the giant hardware is going to be around for a while. I'm afraid if it is not popular, and they discontinue it, will it make my bag be 'dated' and undesirable? i.e. unable to sell on eBay??:hrmm:
  2. Ah, with a fickle public, who knows?

    I'd say with the orders flying for the magenta with GH and other colors that only come with giant hardware that it's a hit at least initially.

    Look at what a bomb the "whistle" and "hook" bags were; it seems as if only a few people on here liked them and that was indicative of the overall feeling towards a longstanding popularity.

    Buy what you like without thinking of its resale value. IMHO.

  3. Yes, I always buy what I like...but I always consider its resale value as well, because I tend to get bored with just about every bag I buy! :s

    I am considering a few other colors with GH, but I have already placed my order for the Magenta. So I will wait and see if I like it first. I just don't like the Balenciaga policy 'Final sale, no returns'. I usually buy at Neiman's, so this is the first BalNY order ever. Do they normally NOT accept returns? Or is it because I ordered a Limited Edition?
  4. I think they are enough of a hit where if they discontinued them, you'd be left with a rare commodity that would be worth more and not less.
  5. I wish I knew too. That being said the last time I was at NM my SA told me that the GH bags weren't selling very well. (and there were a TON of GH bags and only a few RH bags). She thought this was because they were heavier than the traditional bag - and that since b-bags were known for their lightness maybe that had something to do with it.?????

    It seems to me like they're gaining ground though - so who's to say?

    I actually had the same thought this week about the RH bags - like "the GH bags are so popular (at least on tpf) that what if they discontinue the RH bags.

    So basically I know nothing! haha!
  6. GH was my first purchase........ the the PT style is what I picked and then.... it was aqua.

    and this was my first bbag.
  7. oh yeah---- just check out my signature......... that is my second GH purchase on its way by the end of the month!!!!!!!
  8. >>>I actually had the same thought this week about the RH bags - like "the GH bags are so popular (at least on tpf) that what if they discontinue the RH bags.

    So basically I know nothing! haha![/quote]<<<

    LOL...exactly! I don't want to be 'stuck' with anything dated...and I'm not sure which style, regular or giant I should keep silly to have such a dilemma! But these babies aren't cheap.
  9. I think it would be good to have GH somewhere in your collection. I don't think it would do the GH justice if Bal just kept re-producing them. I think GH should be a limited edition for 2007 / 2008, then that's it. My heart will always lie with RH though...Perhaps Bal should discontinue GH after 2008 and bring out silver RH again :winkiss: Just my opinion though!!!
  10. You're too cute! lol. I agree with you though. When I was calling around to the department stores looking for my RH City the sales people kept saying, "But I have lots of giant hardware bags!". My honest opinion on why they may not be selling? I think it's because they are heavier and cost more money. :shrugs:

    Personally I think the GH on Anthracite, Aqua and Cafe are TDF. I guess it can go either way if they discontinue them. 1) They can become super rare and collector's item or 2) They will lose value.

    Either way, buy it because you love it!!!
  11. I agree with KDC that the GH bags should be a limited edition, not a permanent fixture. For one thing, as others have pointed out, three different hardware choices will make it increasingly hard to find the combo you're looking for and will limit production on everything.

    However, I think that there will continue to be a demand for them on eBay... although I suspect the classic RH will remain just that: the classic.
  12. ^^I totally agree with lordguinny - I only buy bags I L-O-V-E, because let's face it: these are not inexpensive bags. If you own and love your GH bag it doesn't matter what the market does. That's the way I feel about my RH bags. If they end up looking dated or sooooo 2001-2007 - I don't give a fig. I love them and that's all that should matter.
  13. p.s. I thought the "silver hardware" was the next phase of balenciaga's limited line? No?
  14. I agree, if it's discontinued, I believe it will definitely become a collector's item!
  15. Agreed. Look at how sought after the holiday metallic bags are!