Is gh trendy??

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  1. If you have allready read anything I posted about this and find it torturous I am apologizing in advance. But I think it is a really great topic and I would love to know how people feel about it. So I went to nm yesterday and a few of the sa's (who happened to know me) were telling me that they feel like the gh (silver and gold) is very trendy, very 2007 and will be a thing of the past next year. They feel that the rh is much more classic. I remember when balenciaga first came out I thought it was going to be a very trendy style and would only last a few years. They have now been going for at least 4 years strong and have become one of the most popular handbag designers around. So is the gh going to be just as classic as the rh?? Do you think it will be in for a few years?? What do you think?? :heart:
  2. It's funny that you started this thread because when I was at NM 2 months ago, an SA told me the exact same thing.....not so much that the Bbags were a trend but the GH's were and she didn't think that it would last for more than a few more years. I'm not a GH gal, but I love they way they look....they just don't look good on me. Who knows? :s
  3. I was anti GH until I saw the vert gazin day in GH, loved it, as well as the sandstone. The classic is always the classic (rh). I bought a jaune day in RH. But at times I do go for the models with GH if the color combo and style works for me.

    A few SA's (not bal) said the same thing that the rh was much more classic and desirable and that the GH was more a trend. I do love the idea of a black or plimb clutch with SGH, very rock n'roll.
  4. where can i find out what GH and RH stand for?

  5. Gh = Giant Hardware RH = Regular Hardware
  6. i'm not a GH girl (even if i'm learnig to appreciate them) but in my opinion there are great combinations of colours and Ghs.
    I think that rh is much more classic than the gh but i don't believe that gh will be a thing of the past
  7. That's my viewpoint. I have considered buying one with GH but I think it is more trendy so I don't.
  8. ITA with Allisonfaye!
  9. I love the GH, would buy it over RH any day. Trends come and go, so I only buy what I personally love.
  10. oh wow, THANKS!

    the GH is great but I'll always prefer the RH.
  11. When GH first introduced I just feel not really like it myself, but I think that it must be a growing love because now I do find several colors and several style would look gorgy with GH. I have bought my first GH which is Sandstone and getting VG Day with GGH will be a dream comes true ;)
  12. hMm.. whether it be trendy or nOt... as long as it doesn't shout out logo's everywhere. I choose to buy bags that catch my eye & that suit my taste. :idea:
  13. I love the gh!! I am a newbie to this whole b world but the gh is what attracted me to them--I bought a PT in a cinnamony/chocolate with silver gh. To me it's stunning and more substantial for that color--the violet one I saw with gh did, however look a bit crazily "of the moment"--but then again it was glowing purple. WHen I saw my baby I just liked it and thought it was the perfect all around bag that would last--but now I want an aquamarine money--that will be my big break out statement. the sa at neiman's loves the gh. So as a newcomer with fresh eyes and no former opinion, I never looked at it and thought "trendy."
  14. I don't think it's a trend at all. I think it will last for awhile! As long as people keep buying them and Balenciaga keeps making them, then it will last!!! Seems like it's doing very well sale wise. Just yesterday I saw 5 women wearing a bag with GH and I wear the ones I have all the time. I don't think it's a trend personally.
  15. very trendy and I love it!!!:p