Is GGH too busy for a black City?

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  1. Okay, I know a variation of this has been asked to death, but I need help!

    I definitely want a black City with Giant hardware, but I have heard some say that the City because it is smaller looks busy with the gold (as opposed to a Work or Part-Time). I have not seen it in person so I don't know if this is true.

    Although I think I prefer the GGH, I still love the GSH so should I pick that for a black City? What would you do, GGH or GSH?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I'm more of a silver girl, but I love the giant hardware on a city (all my city bags have gsh).

    Either gold or silver would look excellent on a black city, just get the metal you prefer! :yes:. I don't feel it looks busy, I prefer the large hw to the small on a city, to me a bigger bag looks better with bigger hw, JMO :angel: It's really a matter of personal preference.
  3. For me it's also just about what I wear most of the time. While I still love and wear yellow gold. Most of my jewelry is white gold and silver so I am just drawn to the SGH for that reason. I do think some bags look better with the GH and some colors better with SH. However, black looks great with both imo.
  4. ^^^ Thanks for the responses. I do love the GSH as well, that is why it is such a hard decision! And my wedding ring is platinum and my watch is silver.

    I wish I could get a look at one in person! Anyone here have a Black City with GGH? It seems like more people have it with the GSH.
  5. afcgirl - Black with GGh is GORGEOUS! I saw one like that at the Seattle Barney's last week. Like you, most of my jewelry is white metal. But I wouldn't let that dissuade me from a GGH. I have a pine PT w/GGH on it's way to me right now.
  6. both GGH and GSH are gorgeous with black, imo. so i picked a tomato bag with GSH. i decided to wait to see which one i will like most, GSH or GGH with black.
  7. I have a black ggh city and absoluely love it. My watch is two-tone, my rings platinum. Go for the ggh!
  8. I love both GGH and GSH but if it were me and I was going with Black then it would be GSH for sure, I just think it looks better with Black, JMO
    Good Luck, I know its a tough one as most of us love them!
  9. Ohhh! Giant GOLD Hardware for sure!!! The bling factor is T-D-F!!!!!
  10. i still think the giant gold HW looks great in a city style. good luck in your decision.
  11. I love the Black with GGH. Although I own a Black City with SGH I still think the GGH is super stunning and I might even prefer it over my SGH! Good luck!
  12. I do think the GGH against the black is a bit too much (for me), although some people could easily carry it off. If you normally wear lots of bling or sharp power suits I think it would look good. But, if your a pastel & white beachy-gal, I wouldn't go there...Have you considered the GGH on the Anthracite? It's a bit softer on the eye.
  13. I personally think the GH is a bit much on the city I do like it (especially the SGH) on the work and also the part-time.
    I really think the sgh would be nicer on black but that's just me...not so bling but more rock'n roll chic.
    Now as KDC there are some who can pull it off nicely all depends on you personal style.
  14. I personally think the Giant hardware is too much on the city size... its too cluttered IMHO... I've seen a gh city IRL... and i dont dig it... but whatever rocks your boat KWIM?

    as for the SGH/GGH... i prefer the GGH on the black... definitely edgy... look at Fergies black ggh work! it rocks!

    good luck!
  15. Go for the ggh!