Is Furla made in China?


Sep 13, 2015
Tampa, FL
Hi everyone! Im a person obsessed with Sanrio and all cuteness!!! So - Furla had a line with Sanrio! I got the purse from poshmark, its Kiki Character from little twin stars - and the purse came with a tag saying it was made in China!!! I went to check my other items from same collection and there it was : made in China! Now Im confused! Is Furla made China or Italy?


Mar 9, 2020
If you want to know more about this you could read the book Deluxe, how luxury lost it's luster, from Dana Thomas. There they state that the "made in" tag is mostly a formality. Bags were mass produced in for example China and shipped to Italy, France ect. In Italy, France ect they did some minor alterations to the bag. They put laces, zippers, grommets, buttons or buckles on it. Because the product was ultimately finished in that country, they could still legitimate state that country on the "made in" label.

Regardless of where the bag is made, as a Furla and Hello Kitty fan I absolutely adore your bag. Enjoy wearing it.