Is french blue versatile? Post pics wearing it!

  1. i want a french blue city to be my next addition so bad, but is it versatile? Is the blue too shocking? All of you that own it please tell me, post pics of you wearing them too. We all luuuuuve pics! Thank you ladies!
  2. ^^I think if you wear a lot of neutrals then it can work. It really sets everything off, kind of like the rouge bags. I love the color of french blue, it reminds me of this cookbook cover:

  3. I need pics people! Please help me! My dh just coughed up his credit card and told me to get ehater I want. Help, full scale emergency. French blue city.. are you out there?
  4. ^^F.Y.I. - there's one on eBay RIGHT NOW! Go and check it out (I think they want 1,300.00 for it which seems like a lot since it JUST came out). But at least you can check out the photos!
  5. [​IMG]

    ^^photo credit eBay.
  6. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to post for you, but I think its a color that you can pull off with almost anything!
  7. I totally think it's a very versatile color and a great spring shade.
  8. I went to BalNY intent on buying a French Blue City, and I ended up walking out with a Marine City. I love the French Blue shade, but it just stuck out like a sore thumb with the clothes I was wearing (my entire outfit was black that day). Daphne brought out a Marine City, and it looked so much more chic and versatile.
  9. That blue is so pretty; it makes me happy!
  10. The FB is quite pretty. I didnt think I would like it but when I saw it at NM a few days ago I really like the color. They had a City with GH and a Day with reg hw. I think it would be awesome with jeans and a white shirt. I would have bought one but the leather wasnt so nice on either one and I am not a fan of the gh much.
  11. Get the French blue, you will love it--I just got my city, and I am getting so many compliments on it--I have already worn it against gray, white, and black outfits--looks awesome!!
  12. I wanna get the french blue myself, thats my next bbag purchase :smile:
  13. I saw it in person at my NM and I loved it!!! The ONLY reason I didn't get it was because I am new to this BBag thing and I already purchased the Green Grass and Vermillion and I have a Black with GH on the way.

    My dilemma was whether to keep the vermillion or get the Blue. My wardrobe is bettter suited to the vermillion plus I needed a RED bag.

    However the blue was amazing and not really a shocking color as much as a bold color...IMO.

    I would totally get it if I were you.
  14. Jewelqueen,

    Did the vermillion look really orangey to you? That's what stopped me on that one--since I was looking for a blue-red, like the rouge from last year.
  15. Hi Fashionfrenzy,

    No, My Vermillion is not orangey. I really didn't want a orangey-red. I wanted a red-red. I thought it would be from the pictures but the SA from NM said it wasn't so I went and looked at it and I loved it.

    It has more of a blue tone to it instead of orange. It is a true red not as dark as rouge but definitely a true red. Mine has GH too. It is amazingly beautiful.