Is french blue too bright for a day?

  1. I have been going back and forth over the fb. I keep going to NM to look at it and just love the leather. It's the same as my Cafe day. Smooth, thick and yummy. Do you think it's too bright of a color for such a big bag? I would prefer it in a First but can't find one and I just adore the day. Thoughts?:confused1:
  2. Uh, no! :smile: It's a gorgeous color and should look great in a Day...
  3. I have this bag & LOVE it!
  4. I think it will be a beautiful pop of colour and you should definately get it in a day or a twiggy.
  5. There is no color that is too bright for a Day!!!! It's a style that cries out for color!
  6. Ok, think I'm going to get it tomorrow. Will post pics when I get back. I can't stop thinking about it.
  7. NO WAY! Its so HOT in a day!
  8. i'm a massive fan of the FB - totally go for it!!! Any style would be fab!!!
  9. Saw a FB Day at my local NM this wknd - it was the only bbag that stood out and the leather was the nicest too!!

  10. My good friend got the FB in a Day and I didn't think I would like it but it is gorgeous in person. The leather is fabulous.
  11. I agree, fb looks fab in a day or twiggy. If I HAD to choose a style though, I would choose a day. You won't regret it!
  12. I think FB in a day is a gorgeous combination:love:

    Please post pics if you get it!
  13. FB is gorgeous... I would wear it in any season, and at any time of day...

    If I love a colour, I will wear it whenever I please :yes: I think it would look great day and night!
  14. I have the same question but about an afternoon...which is also a larger bag. I am pretty conservative, so I'm concerned about how "bright" FB is....any advice?
  15. Based on your current collection, you should get the fb. It'll be a great addition to your family.

    fb is a highly coveted color, so get it before it's gone!:drool: