Is Framboise veris still being produced?

  1. I called the 1-866 number to look for a certain item and the person I spoke to said that the framboise items are still in production and not yet discontinued. Does anyone know if this is true? For those that have just recently gotten a framboise item, does your date code show up as produced in summer or fall 2006 or what does it show? Now I am really curious as to whether there is a rush for me to buy the framboise now or to get something else first.
  2. Yes, take a look on Eluxury, I just saw them last week...
  3. I bought a cles last weekend datecode is CA0076. I know it is being discontinued but I don't know when
  4. I would like to get a confirmation too. According to what I heard, it will still be around, though it will eventually be discontinued. I have yet to know when, but the new vernis color, which is the candy apple red is said to be launched around Valentine's. Not sure whether it will replace the current vernis colors, though.
  5. Yes, it is :smile: All vernis colors are eventually discountinued. It is a rotation, colors going out, so new ones can come in. This year Indigio and Red went out of production. New color coming is pomme amour, love apple which is suppose to be a candy apple red.
  6. I recently got my framboise agenda pm, and the date code is February 2006...
  7. Okay, I just checked my agenda and it says CA0046 so I'm assuming it is April 2006, right?
  8. Yup, April 06.
    The framboise will be discontinued by the end of the year, if it hasn't been already (which I think it has.) The stores will still have stock though, mostly of the smaller accessories, as far as I know.
  9. i just saw it for available on eluxury so i would assume so unless the have unsold inventory
  10. Oh good, I would love to get a bag in framboise but don't have the funds to do so now.
  11. oh, so framboise wont be around for long?? aside from the red, what would be their next color? did the perle or noisette come out later than framboise? how come they're discontinuing framboise first?
  12. I love the current red...hope the candy apple is just has nice!!!