Is Foreo Luna worthy for skincare? Really "More radiant skin in 3 days"?

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  1. Searched for their facial brush on mua, some said it worked and made a difference. But I doubt whether use it as daily routine is good to skin? Do we need Deep Cleansing everyday? Saw many articles say do wash your hair/face too often cause it actually do harm to the natural protective barrier/system of the scalp/facial skin.

    Here's what I copied from amzn:

    About the Product
    More radiant skin in just 3 days! The luna delivers facial-cleansing and anti-aging in one sophisticated device
    T-sonic technology delivers up to 8,000 pulsations per minute, clinically proven to remove 99.5 percent of dirt and oil, and 98.5 percent of makeup residue
    Anti-aging mode delivers lower-frequency pulsations are directed through concentric silicone waves onto wrinkle-prone areas to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    No replacement brushes! Ultra hygienic silicone brush is 35x more hygienic than standard sonic-cleansing brushes
    Device is fully waterproof, and lasts up to 450 uses per full charge!

  2. I have this. I purchased it back in August 2015; I actually went in to buy a Clairsonic but the SA showed me the Luna which I had not heard of before. I charged it when I first got home and as of today 01/21/2016, I have YET to charge it. Amazing. My skin glows, even my overly critical relatives comment. I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.
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  3. I've had one since 2012-ish? I like mine but I don't use it often for its intended use. That being said, I have also never charged it once during that time. I use mine for eye-area puffiness and love it for that.
  4. Thank you. I agree. This gadget may be better for regular or occasional use. but not frequently
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  5. I should add: I was gifted mine - I would not have bought it on my own and after having it this long, I still wouldn't. I just do not use it enough to justify the expense.
  6. I'm going to recant my aforementioned statement(s) due to using it regularly after seeing this thread.

    I got multiple comments on how great my skin looked after the first night using it. A cashier staunchly refused to believe my ID was real. For those reasons alone, I'm going to continue use. Maybe my skin has changed and has become more receptive since I received my mini.

    Also, it looks like the price has gone down substantially.
  7. I have oily face so the most of the products I bought in the past did clear my face but not completely. My face would stay oily as if the cleanser and face brush doesn’t remove the dead skin. This is why I was sceptic about the Luna mini 2 but I bought it because of the good reviews. I can say I am pretty happy how my skin changed. The face brush is big enough so it covers a big area and the bristles are soft enough so skin is not irritated at all.
    I would recommend buying this product especially if you want to clean your face completely.
  8. I just bought one from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Used it last night and this morning. I love it so far. I had a Clarisonic Aria but am so tired of buying replacement heads. I like the mini 2 so far. Was pleasantly surprised how soft the bristles are. I don't really know what to use the back for though, like the bigger bristles.
  9. Hi socialite!! That can be used to get a deeper clean in pores, fine lines/wrinkles, etc. I've found that side works best for those areas
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  10. Super late on this thread - but like others, I got tired of buying the replacement heads for the clarisonic and bought the Luna. I don't know if I'm still in the honey moon phase, but I like it. My face seems squeaky clean after I use it, and I can tell it's doing a better job at removing my makeup as opposed to me using just with my hands. Perhaps it's the timer feature. But working so far!
  11. I have Foreo luna and I love it. "More radiant skin in 3 days" it`s not true, but the skin really becomes silky and fresh. You also need to know which skin care products to use, because only one device will not give the result. I also have Cosomo cleansing brush, but bought it just a week ago, so I can not say anything, I used it only once. I chose the second device for reviews on the Internet and searched information on the sites and saw it here
  12. Which type of Luna do you recommend ladies? I’m debating whether to get one but I’m not sure if it will make a difference (I already exfoliate and use face masks regularly and am very careful with my skincare) so I’m afraid it will be just another item on my shelf which I won’t end up using if there are no clear results
  13. I have Foreo Luna mini, I bought it on Amazon. But I use it only on one side, so I think that Foreo Luna Play Plus is also good and it is cheaper.
  14. just got one and using for a week, haven't notice any "great" results but skin looks pretty good so far
  15. Hi everyone.
    Reviving the thread, I am considering buying a Luna 3, a UFO mask treatment device or the PMD clean pro with the Quartz crystal (that's heated). I only have hormonal acne which is not the case anymore as I am on the pills for several years, I do deep cleansing in the salon twice per year and mesotherapy (not with needles), radiofrequencies etc 3-4 times per year. I am on the early 30s and i mostly want it for anti age and massage as wrinkles are popping up quite a lot. My skin is sensitive combination (can't ever put chemical peeling there)
    any suggestions?