Is finding a Totally Turnlock Teri in Firebird impossible?

  1. My bf is paying for a good % my Teri bag for my birthday and I really want to make sure I get the right color. I already have 2 black & 2 brown leather Coach bags so I was hoping to get Firebird since I loveeee red handbags.

    The problem is, I can't find it anywhere :sad: I plan on going to Barneys Co-op first since I love my SA there & they have it in black, to see if I could get firebird. Otherwise I was going to look at Carbon Blue @ Saks, but now that i've seen firebird- my heart is set on it but I have a feeling i'll settle on black if I don't loveeee Carbon Blue.
  2. Yeah :/ I saw that too but I was hoping I could find one through a store for retail. TY though!
  3. Yeah I think it's kind of a rip-off that they are charging $600 for a bag that's retailing for around $400. I guess it is just supply and demand, but it's still irritating!
    Good luck! I hope you are able to find one somewhere else. You might try calling a Marc by MJ store and finding out if there are any left in the company and if one can be shipped to you...
  4. I have this bag in Firebird red and I love's such a great color and bag. I got mine at Shopbop but I Believe it is sold outl.
  5. Sprinkles, I saw Teri Bag in Firebird Red, Yam, and Carbon Blue at Saks South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, California) last week; their number is 714-540-3233 ext 354. Good luck. =)

    Firebird Red and Yam are Fall 06 colors, the style number for Teri Shoulder Bag is M362008. Carbon Blue is one of the Resort 06 colors, the style number is M363007.

  6. I saw some styles (can't remember which ones) in Firebird Red at MbyMJ store in LA yesterday, their number is 323-653-0100. Shipping is $20 for FedEx 2-Day.

    To confirm, the style number for Fall 06's Teri Shoulder Bag is M362008. Good luck. =)
  7. You're amazing! I have to wait until friday to call (unless the boy gives the okay) to order since that's the day he gets paid & I get paid thursday. Yayyyy!!! At least there is hope!

  8. ^ You should call right away, ask the SA to hold it for you if the item is still available. I hope you can find it. =)
  9. Yea... the firebird was one of the most popular colors... if not the most popular.

    If is avail. anywhere for RETAIL (not on ebay for 600.. ridiculous)... at least call and have them hold it.
  10. YAYYYYY!!!! THANK YOU BAG LOVERRR!!! Some crazy asian woman (who reminds me of the female version of my dad) is gonna call me back to order it!! My SO is letting me order it early!
  11. sprinkles, this one is really gorgeous! i hadn't seen the teri in firebird....yum!
  12. Congrats, keep us posted. =)