Is fiinding the Navy MAM like looking for Bigfoot?rop

  1. I know, im about two years late...but is it possible to find a MAM in Navy anymore? Is stalking eBay my only option now?
  2. It's actually a toss-up between looking for Bigfoot and winning the lottery.

    Just kidding!! I know what this feels like, and I just wanted to make you smile because it can be torturous! It may not be in stores anymore but I know that if a bag is meant to be, it will happen. We'll keep an eye out for you! Good luck!!
  3. Balihai's right.....this is one of those colors of days gone by.....but you never know! Stranger things have happened!!!
  4. sigh...I discovered RM too late..but I am not going to stop searching for that navy! :smile:

    Would you recommend Night Blue for a fairly versatile alternative? I want a pop of color that I could wear almost like a neutral bag( goes with lots of stuff)
  5. Some find the Night Blue too "purple" kwim???? You'd have to see it IRL. There've been lots of pics posted here and there of it though.
  6. Navy is hard to find indeed. I would suggest checking eBay regularly. I hope you find one!
  7. Heidi -- I'm with you here. I fell in love with GUNG's Navy MAM and want one for myself too -- only in the larger size hehe :biggrin:
  8. The navy MAM is a beauty. Did RM make a navy matinee? If so I might just have to search for it.
    I agree- just keep checking eBay. That's the best thing right now. All good things come to those who wait right!
  9. Hi! I am new to the board, and have liked RM bags for about a month:smile: I really wanted a RM MAM in Eggplant, but it sold out at Luna Boston in like two seconds. And so began my search for this elusive color.What I did was that I looked on Rebecca Minkoff's website and started calling stores that carried the brand. I decided to choose places that seemed a little less urban(I live in the NYC TriState Area), thinking that people may not be interested in the bag in these areas. So I randomly called a place called Shooze in PA, and I found an RM MAM in Navy for $292 with shipping!!! And this was about 2 weeks ago:smile: I love the bag so much, as it is my first Rebecca Minkoff:yahoo:

    Ooh, and then last week, I called a couple of stores, and I found a place that could actually call RM and order specific colors of bags for customers, so this meant that I was able to get my Eggplant MAM. I paid full price for this one, but it is so worth is because I know it's sold out everywhere because I jumped on the bandwagon a bit late. I'm currently waiting for this one in the mail!

    So don't give up! Call around, you may find your navy beauty:smile:
  10. Congrats on finding the elusive Navy MAM. Would you kindly share which store was it that was able to call RM and check for customers? :flowers: TIA!
  11. Yes, please share!
  12. Does the board have a messaging system? I don't want everyone bombarding the store because they were so nice and helpful. But just message me, I'll give you the name of the store. I think that they only special order items from the current season though. I got really lucky with the Eggplant MAM because the SA called me to inform me that it was the very last one left, and that there must've been a return or something. Also, if you call them, be specific with what color/style that you want. Hope that this helps!
  13. I dont see a PM message option in your profile, Can you PM me with the info please? Just click on my profile name on left and the PM will come up Or shoot me an email at Thansk much!
  14. Since you have less than 5 posts, I don't think your PM would work just yet. But I would like to get the information on the store. Guess I'll wait till you have access and then PM you. :flowers:
  15. I'll definitely send you info once I get my messaging set up. I hope you can understand why I don't feel comfortable posting the information on the board. If a lot of people call this store, I have a feeling that they will discontinue this service to their customers.