Is Fendi trying to copy the speedy?

  1. I saw this bag on eluxury and I couldn't help but think of the speedy when I saw it. Who would waste money on this :yucky: ? It costs more than the speedy!! :nuts:
  2. Sorry, forgot to add picture (doh!)
    Fendi Boston Bag.jpg
  3. Are you looking at the "Boston"?
  4. are you talking about this?


    I think Fendi has been making boston style for a while but this one the combo between mono and miroir :yucky:
  5. Yes, it almost looks like a Speedy 25. Although, I guess the shape of the Speedy is actually a common shape amongs other purse brands.... but Speedy looks better!!!!
  6. It does look like a combo of LV bags, but i don't really like it.
  7. Yea, that's the one...I added the picture after. You're right, it's a combo of miroir and mono! Ewww!
  8. Almost every designer has a similar bag IMO.
  9. I thought the same when I first saw it, but then I thought to myself: "There are a lot of other bags that have a Speedy shape..."
  10. Yeah, Dior has a Speedy too (not sure what name...Boston?, I THINK it's an older style) and the pink one (old style, not the Girly with flowers) is gorgeoussss.

    Not a fan of Fendi though...although I LOVEEEE this bag! :nuts:

  11. lol but whatever they can do what they want LV owns Fendi haha
  12. Yay, I see lot of brands launched their new bags in the same style of Speedy!
  13. I think they're all called "boston"...various brands have a boston bag.
  14. LOL I own that Fendi/Speedy! LOVES IT! LOL
  15. Yeah, I was about to say I like it! LOL I don't own it but I think it's adorable!! :yes: