is everything in store online or is there more?

  1. since us Canadians cant order catalogues, is what u c online the same as the current floor set or r there more things in the stores?
  2. For the most part yes.

    What you see online is their current lines, which are displayed in boutiques. However, there are some special boutiques which are called "flagship" stores. These stores have all of the lines that are available online. Other boutiques which are NOT flagship stores will not normally carry the Legacy line and other "Limited Editions"

    Now some stuff may sell out online and therefor is not listed online anymore but the stores may still have stock. In that case the stores do have different than what is online.

    Outlets.....thats a whole other ballgame.
  3. Plus, JAX has a back stock of things that are no longer current but that are still available for sale.
  4. not really at my coach store. stuff on line is different than in store. If I want something online I can go in store and they will order for me with free shipping.
  5. The previous posters pretty much covered it. :smile: I know I was really happy to find out that JAX still has stuff in the warehouse that we think is sold out sometimes.
  6. Is there a list of which stores are flagship? Most of the stores around me seem to have almost everything...
  7. Department store exclusives are not shown on the website, nor all colors, but can be ordered through CS/Jax. Sometimes you need to ask "what colors is it available in?"