Is everyone Rich or Very Rich?

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  1. I just wonder how you all can afford to buy so many expensive handbags. Yikes! I am a fan of purses but knew I would never have nice high end purse collection because of my income. How do you all do it?
  2. Well, I am sure some people on this forum are very wealthy but a-lot of others are middle class citizens who love designer goods. I cannot speak for anyone else but I usually save up for my designer goods and treat myself to them every now and then. I also am a bargin hunter and look on eBay and the outlets..
  3. Ugh...this question always comes up and it's usually a debate starter.

    Am I rich? Yes...But not because of the amount of money I have - because I have a family that loves me and supports me in everything that I do.

    We work hard for our money. We all come from different backgrounds here...Some people are swimming in money, while others are scraping together their pennies to get by everyday.

    This forum isn't only for people who can afford Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, etc. Everybody is invited to participate - no matter how much money they have or what they can afford!
  4. ^ well said..

    and yup this q always comes up...

    im only 22 and i buy my handbags myself.. i save up.. wait for deals.. ask fr money instead of pressies at occasions so i can buy bags...
  5. DO a search on this and you will get many replies. This question has been asked ALOT and it always ends up in a debate of some kind...
  6. I sleep with people for bags! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    not really....

    Yeah, do a search. No matter how your income is it's often a matter of priorities.
  8. LMAO :nuts: But who knows? Maybe some do or just go out with only rich men and they don't care about personality or age.

    I will do a search......what key words do I type?
  9. I do as well and I call him my husband!:nuts:
  10. There are tons of topics on this issue. Please do a search :smile:
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