Is everyone ready for the holidays?

  1. I can't believe it's November already and the holidays are just coming up sooooo fast! I finally got my X-mas shopping done and now am concentrating on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It seems that every yr. goes by faster and, is anyone else ready for the holidays?
  2. I'm sooo not ready yet..I haven't even started to go shopping yet.
  3. I'm so excited!!
    I have all of DH's side of the family's shopping done... and a majority of my side! I'm hoping by the end of this month I'm completely finished. I've already been hitting up all the stores getting decorations. It's our first year in our very own home so I'm going crazy with the decorating! Plus our Homeowners Association is having a contest and I'm determined to win!! I loveeeeeee Christmas and I'm about to start blasting the Christmas carols throughout the house!
  4. I can't wait for Christmas!! I love this time of year. I'm all done with my Christmas shopping too so I'm all ready!!
  5. omg! i havent even.. made a list yet.. O_O
  6. me either.
  7. This is my favorite time of year and Christmas is by far my favorite holiday.

    Already made my list and started on my X-Mas shopping!!! Whether shopping for me or for others, I just :heart: it!
  8. OMG!! you are already done!! I havent even started yet. lol. I can not wait to put up my X-Mas Tree.
  9. I "shop" during the yr. when I see good buys and I know that it will be the perfect gift for that person that by the time Nov. rolls around, I'm pretty much done! I can't stand going anywhere where I know that there will be wall to wall people and the lines....:yucky:!
  10. I'm also one of those crazy people who starts shopping very early. I'd say I'm about 90% done with all my shopping. It's a great feeling when you're not broke in December and January because you've spread out all your spending!

    I also don't decorate at all because I always visit my parents for the holiday. So that saves me a lot of time as well.
  11. I'm so not ready yet ;-; i need to make my list and start shopping lol
  12. I still haven't taken down my Halloween decorations (because its snowing outside and cold LOL)!!! Nevermind start putting stuff up! ACK!

    I have thought about it though...and we already got my DH's kids presents (well they're adults and we just get them gift cards...but still LOL)!

    DH says he is done with me....I've got to start making lists. Our mall is undergoing major I want to be completely done by Thanksgiving!
  13. Bring on the holidays!!!! I am taking two whole months off over Chrissy!!! Even considering a shopping holiday in Jan... can not wait!!
    ... no shopping done yet... but will do before dec x
  14. yeah.. besides the fact that i havent written a list yet...
    i cant wait for christmassss!!!!
  15. Yes I started shopping, but will do most of it on Black Friday:nuts: My favorite part of the holidays is decorating the takes me about 1 week...I go out of my way!