Is everyone into Designer bags?


Nov 27, 2005
I buy both designer and cheaper ones though I have more of the latter. I promised myself though that I should stop buying cheaper ones cause I have LOADS of them and they're not durable at all.


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Oct 15, 2005
North Texas
I have mostly designer. But theirs about 5 purses that are from I Dillards, or saks, like DKNY, or guess that I love. Theirs one purse i got from XXI, that's one of my favorites, mostly i just buy designer for a long term invesment.:P


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Oct 31, 2005
New Jersey
I tend to gravitate to the "designer" bags, but I have a lot of others too. Currently using an Ipa-Nima bag which is sooo funky. I like to change by bag with my mood. Just keep dumping stuff from one purse to another.
Nov 28, 2005
I buy some of everything

I have wide rang

Francesco biasia
Kenneth Cole by NY, NOT reaction

as long as it's cute and I have some shoes to match it doesn't matter

nothing fake though NO Canal street shyt

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Nov 27, 2005
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i buy designer as an investment for my daughter so she can have some "cool bags that mama left for her" haha
if i am investing ... i go for designer ... in a classic color and shape .... if i am buying a trendy fad "it" bag .. i would rather go for a cheap one .. like for instance this boho vintage thingie that is flying around haha ... i got great bags from accesorize and monsoon and even H&M with that fashionable look .. cuz i know in a month or two that trend will be out and i will be stuck with bags that i will never wear again!! so i just give them away to charity and use my classics till the next fad comes along hahaha


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Nov 2, 2005
northern NJ
I buy designer. I'm not into buying expensive clothes or shoes and like Issamom can make a statement with a handbag. And I'm for quality, rather than quantity.

I do find that hanging out places like the purse blog, ups the ante in terms of my handbag collection. I get so much of a great purseducation here! ;)


Jan 6, 2006
I buy a mixture of both but mainly I buy the designer bags just because they last very long. I am more the classical type and so therefor i wouldn't spend af ortune on a trendy designer bag. There I would prefer a nice n name thing. Some of my older designer bags i've got are still in great shape. I just sold a classical mulberry on ebay and it was older than 10 years but I do really take of my things because I love them. I had a 12 dollar bag which i loved to bits and I was wearing it for more than 2 years. Now i am more into my LVs which I really love. The ones I don't use I do have a look at them almost every day. Am I going crazy?;)
Jan 2, 2006
i have many big designer bags but they are really boring me now beacuse i see so many around, mainly i have a love for gerard darel's bag because they are not very common!
i strive to have something that few have, that's why my vuittons are going to remain in the closet for now, and i have given my guccis to my cousin....i bought a gucci shopper and after a short time one handle broke...terrible! gucci's quality is terrible now.


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Nov 27, 2005
Bags-Of-Fashion said:
It must just be me then! I wear a bag for about a month then it gets put in a drawer somewhere and I buy a new one.. etc. I would very rarely wear my bag again after wearing it for a month. Thats why I can't afford designer bags! lol

I wouldnt recognise a designer bag by look at it, neither would my mates, so I don't bother!
Well, stick around here and you'll be buying designer in no time!!!


Dec 28, 2005
I must admit that I like designer bags. I don’t own one. I would like to own at least one before I crash. It’s not the most important thing in the world to me, to own a designer bag. Beside I can’t afford them. I’m not even twenty jey, so there is lots of time for me to get a designer bag.
I’m very aware of prices on bags. So, I always keep it into my budget and probably use the bags for months, before buying a new one. I do want to buy new ones all the time, but I know I don’t need to, so I don’t.
That would explain why I only have three.. :Smile1:

Nov 1, 2005
buckeye nation
Some people have their "thing"...mine is purses, and I choose designer only. I have a couple of less expensive bags that I use for throwing extra clothes in or for a diaper bag. But 99% of the time I'm carrying a designer bag.


Nov 28, 2005
I buy a little of everything. I started back in the day with 2 LV's with matching wallets. After that I had a hard time not purchasing designer bags. I just don't always need the "it" bag of the season!
My passion is waiting for that special color to go on sale, sale, sale, and if you can use a coupon too even better. Then I don't feel bad when they sit in the closet. Furla has a sale going on and they won't cost you a fortune if you like their bags.