Is everyone into Designer bags?

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  1. Well I never buy designer bags, mainly because they are so expensive and I could get a complete outfit for the same price.

    I like to buy bags quite often and get different colours/shapes, something I couldnt do with designer bags because again, it costs alot more!

    So my question is, do you buy designer, normal retail or both? I'd love to know!
  2. I tend to buy designer only because I consider it an investment for the long term...I go for quality usually. I wouldn't NOT buy a cheaper bag, but when I look for bags I stick to my standbys - Chloe, Fendi, Mulberry, Balenciaga, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, etc.
  3. I buy both, though I'm getting more into designer bags, because the quality, in my opinion, is better. I've owned too many bags where the zipper breaks or it starts falling apart after not owning it for very long. The first two more expensive bags I bought (a Dooney & Bourke bag and Burberry small tote) are two years old and look great. I wore the heck out of them and they're still in great shape. To me, it's about quality, and you often end up paying more for good quality items.
  4. to me, one really exciting designer bag is worth 20 average ones - not just quality and durability and design - but how great I feel when I have a great bag on my arm is really priceless!!!.
  5. I buy only designer bags :biggrin: I just like to have the original style, I notice a lot of the lower end bags look knocked off or something. Not ALL, but a lot of them.
  6. once you go designer, you don't go back.
  7. i second that :smile:
  8. My purse obsession is just an extension of my organizing obsession... I'm forever looking for the "perfect" bag for whatever accessories I happen to be carrying. I own probably 50 plastic desk organizers and things like that, too, lol!
  9. I love designer bags, however I have travelled and come across lovely handmade bags with stories attached to them that are just as special as my more expensive designer ones.:idea:
  10. I totally relate to your organization obsession - also, my quest for a new bag is sort of a quest for perfection in fashion - And my apartment is small so everything has to have a place to be.
  11. I can't make a statement with everything I wear or own -- I choose my bags to be my 'thing'. They are durable, go through less wear-and-tear than shoes (not that I stint on my shoes!), they can be worn through multiple seasons and I don't have to worry about size! Its my thing.
  12. I love purses too and I can by non-designer if it is cute and different otherwise I prefer designer if I can afford it at the time. I am always on a quest as well to find that perfect purse and I think that the IF Audra and the IF line this season has matched my criteria for the perfect purse. I am so in love with it!
  13. i feel the exact same way - bags are easier to purchase than anything else. you don't have to worry about finding the perfect bag and them not having your size. plus, i go to college and have to walk all over campus, so heels are normally a no-no.
  14. It must just be me then! I wear a bag for about a month then it gets put in a drawer somewhere and I buy a new one.. etc. I would very rarely wear my bag again after wearing it for a month. Thats why I can't afford designer bags! lol

    I wouldnt recognise a designer bag by look at it, neither would my mates, so I don't bother!
  15. i biy what ever i like be it designer or not ..if it looks good i buy it :smile: