Is everyone happy with the 1941 duffle?

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  1. I just got mine and even though there isn't anything wrong with it, I feel a little let down by it. Because I never saw it in person, I guess I just expected more. I dunno...

    I guess I just need more feedback, no one else has really said much about there's either and yet, they are totally sold out. What do you guys think about it?

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  2. I had one on hold for PCE, but when I got to the store it did nothing for me. It looks much better on the website. I believe the new one is stiff and would look much better once it gets softer. I do love all the colors. My regular Saddle bag was softer than the 1941 duffle.

    I decided to buy Chalk Rogue and Dinky Applique 24 in Camel instead. They both were so beautiful in person.
  3. I think it may be the color. I hoped it would've been more like these two. But it's very dull and kind of matte.

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  4. Very nice choices. Pretty bags. I have Rogue in mineral and the canary dinky. Enjoy!
  5. I love it. I went by the 2 reveals in the 1941 Clubhouse. I ordered one, and apparently got the last one in the same color as yours. I have one of the first remakes - and dislike the "raw" inside - no lining, just the backside of the leather, I wouldn't even call it suede. It sheds all over everything. I love that the new one is leather lined.

    Mine has a loose thread on the tab the buckle goes through - the finishing thread "tack"...... making it a stress point. They are saying they won't be replenished, and I really want the bag. My store is going to send it for repair, and in the event its not perfect, I can return it. Had I not gotten it with the PCE 30% off, I probably wouldn't have gotten it..... at $500, if I'm honest, it's too simple of a bag.
  6. I purchased one in eggplant before PCE and returned it. Too stiff, didn't conform to my body, very awkward, plain bag. Didn't even bother to buy on PCE. The saddles are so much better in quality and construction.
  7. I was interested in these and just assumed they'd make it to stores. Guess not. You don't think it'll soften up with time. Still interested if it pops back into stock although I don't recall all the colors. You are right that there aren't many pics floating about around here.
  8. I purchased the small one and returned it because it was too small. I then ordered the large one in fog before PCE and also returned it and didn't bother to reorder during PCE. I ordered a saddle bag instead, which I love.
  9. I also ordered a small one, took it out of the box for maybe ten minutes tops, then packed it up to send it back. It was too small and plain and just didn't do anything for me.
  10. I suppose I should start by saying duffles are my favorite style of Coach bags, and I have several in both the bucket and legacy 2012 silhouette. That said, I broke my ban for the 1941 collection duffle in eggplant/flax. I received it last night and absolutely love it!

    I am particularly happy with the contrast leather lining, the extra pockets and love the quality of the leather. It will soften a bit over time and develop that duffle slouch that makes it even more comfortable to wear got me. With this length strap, I will use it primarily as a crossbody.

    I initially debated between a classic mahogany with the contrast red but am glad I chose the eggplant/flax combo.
    It was difficult to capture the actual tone of the eggplant and the flax interior is not very intense. I am hoping more colors will come out in the future.

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  11. Congrats on this gorgeous bag, Aubergined! This color combo is just wonderful. Glad to hear you love it. Enjoy it for many years to come :smile:.

  12. What an amazingly gorgeous bag, congratulations!
  13. Very pretty. :smile: Lovely leather.

    I'm hoping for more colors too, although I would end up with a mini. I've never actually owned a "duffle" style, and I remain intrigued. (The large would be way too much bag for my stuff though.)
  14. This is a beautiful bag, and I love the color combination!! Enjoy!! :smile:

  15. Thanks!! It makes me smile each time I walk by my closet :smile:
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