Is everyone able to place their LV orders through ******?

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  1. I still can't place my order. I keep getting an error
    "We regret that we are experiencing difficulties with your account and are unable to process your order. Please contact customer service at 1.877.890.7171 or"
  2. I ordered a Cle and it went through fine, though I had to go back to reapply the free shipping code.. where is the error occurring?
  3. That's weird. Sounds like it's an issue on eLuxury's end rather than ******.

    Hmm...let us know if you are able to get through!
  4. Oh oh, did it give you the error msg at the end of check out? I just placed my second order on E lux few min ago through ******, and it went through w/o trouble-at least i hope.....*crossing finger*
    Remember you must purchase from the link on ****** or you won't get the rebate. Good luck!
  5. It was an error on my part. I put the wrong CC # in :Push:
    Thank you for all your help :yes:

  6. I got it fixed, I had the wrong CC # :P
    I was able to place my order for my first LV wallet :smile:
  7. I was able to place my order, thank you ;)
  8. lavanity-same thing happened to me. I'm glad you placed your order. I ordered a LV wallet too, the monogram porter tresor international. Which one did you get?
  9. Glad to hear you could place your order :smile:
  10. :yahoo: :yes: :nuts: Horray! I am sooo glad you get it fix, what a relive! i know exactlyhow fussy it feels when everyone is getting a deal and you can't get it-i click the wrong button in E lux check out and when i went back, my orders are all out of stock:crybaby: , but thanks to who ever release their shopping cart, because after 30 min of refresh maddness, i managed to grab them back in cart! :graucho: :wlae:
    Don't forget to post pix when you get them, i can't wait to post mine! lol
  11. Yay! Glad it worked :smile:.

  12. I got wallet that has the zipper inside ;). I debated between that one and the one you got. I love both of them. Hope you enjoy when you get it :smile:
  13. Yes I was getting very frantic, lol. So glad you were able to order the things you want!