Is every online shopping sites fake???

  1. Diabro has authentic bags, I got a Sienna Day from them that is gorgeous. I would buy from them again. :tup:
  2. No! Look under the thread "reputable stores that carry balenciaga". That is why they are listed, because they are trusted! Realdealcollection is a fabulous online source and run by Corey, a fab person!
  3. The two that you list are both on the reputable stores list. I know a lot of tPFers regularly rave about the great bags they get from diabro. They have particularly good deals on the neutral colored bags (they seem to price according to demand, so different colors of the same bag are priced differently.) Styledrops always seems a bit expensive to me.
  4. anyone know anything about
  5. no, they sell fakes.
    check the list referenced above.