Is Eva permanent?

  1. Sorry if this has been answered already, searched but could not find the answer. This bag looks really cute, I think I might need one!
  2. yes I think she is
  3. I was also told that it is perm.
  4. Thanks! Won't worry about w/l for it right now, then.
  5. Yup! I think Sophie was so popular that they made the Eva standard collection
  6. That's good to know! Thanks for asking!
  7. I love the Eva. It's a nice allternative to the sophie hope they come out in damier also
  8. any pics???
  9. ^nm, found it!
  10. THanks for posting, I was wondering about this too. I'll push the Eva down my priority list now :p
  11. Oh really, it's permanent? That's great news. No rush to get her then. Gives me time to save for it.