Is etoupe too blah?

  1. I dragged the DH to Hermes last weekend where there was a mou Bolide in etoupe clemence (which I had hoped to persuade him to buy for me) and he was not at all flattering about the design or colour. In response to my assertion that etoupe is an interesting neutral, he said "grey is never interesting" :sad:

    I have Birkins in raisin, gold and blue jean, and I am seriously contemplating adding an etoupe Birkin, but after what the DH said, I am having second thoughts, so I need some honest opinions: is etoupe too blah, and should I save my money for some other colour/skin? :confused1: The other Birkin I am thinking of getting is dark brown lizard.
  2. I love Etoupe. In Swift. And also CDC.
  3. Etoupe is not just an interesting neutral, it's a gorgeous neutral. And I think depending on the leather, it's not exactly grey grey but with hints of brown/olive undertones. As you can tell, I'm partial towards etoupe :heart::heart::heart:
  4. Etoupe is one of my fave H shades- it's definitely more refined and cool in tone, but definitely not "blah" or uninteresting. I mean a Himalaya is interesting but you don't see too many people (GF excluded :p) lining up around the block for one.....
  5. Roxane, you have to love it and feel it looks good on you. I do love it, but don't feel it is a good color for me. I would probably pass for myself, but it is based more on how I appear with the color and not really the color itself.
  6. Roxane : i love Etoupe as a natural colour - it's so easy to match and cordinate with my outfits.
    I find that when i dress it with different scarves and twillies, the colour takes on a different tone and that's what i like about it.
    I know a few of my friends thought it was "blah" when they first saw it (describing it as an elephant colour) but they've grown to like it after seeing it more often :smile:
  7. That's exactly how I feel about it; I think Etoupe is gorgeous but not on me--it washes out my skin, and clashes with the camels and tans I like to wear.
    But that's also why I'm now pushing the color Toundra! It's very similar but just a shade deeper and a bit more complex/warmer, which means it works well with other shades of tan or camel. It just works better on me for some reason even though I am a cool-toned blonde.
    On a different end of the spectrum I also absolutely adore Gris Tourterelle (spelling?!). I have dreams about a certain someone's GT Box Birkin on a fairly regular basis actually. :drool: That color is also quite cool, but since it's "turtledove grey", it's pale enough to be a true neutral and coordinate with a lot. To me it is just so understated and, well I hate this word, but it's classy.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not an etoupe hater by any means, but if the color doesn't work on you/your DH hates it, there are some alternatives to consider!
  8. I agree due to skin tones and hair/eye colours, some colours just doesn't bring out the "glow" as compared to others. I love Gris T (but am afraid of its light-ness as I'm totally bad with light coloured bags).

    Cynthia, Toundra sounds good. Any pics?
  9. Hmm let me see if I can come up with a pic of Toundra....I don't think there are any in the reference thread and I don't own a piece in it...YET. ;)

    Darn no pics.
    I should mention that my descriptions of this color are based on seeing 1) a swatch in Swift, which was more olive green, and then 2) a Garden Party which seemed far less green and more taupe.
  10. ms piggy, Toundra is close to Olive Green but has more brown undertones. The Toundra swatch is already in the leather book. Check it out! Oh yes! I forgot we were supposed to have a lunch date! :push:
  11. I looove etoupe! Aside from DH comments, do you like it on you? (But as the other ladies said, there are so many other lovely colors. It sounds like DH would like to see you with something that is not so neutral.)
  12. You mentioned your husband wasnt wild about the color or the design - my husband doesnt care for the bolide either. As for the color, its not for everybody, but its one of those that grows on you. I find that the design and color issues often are confounded, so maybe try to see etoupe in a different bag, and your husband might like it better.
  13. unlike the rest of the board i'm not a fan of etoupe. i think it's a great idea but the color does seem blah to me. maybe it's because it does nothing for me irl based on my coloring but honestly i can't imagine it looking as good with jeans or black or anything as say graphite or gris tourterelle. just me though. everyone else seems to love etoupe. to me it's on the brown/ cement side of grey and it's just eh.
  14. I may be weird, but I love the etoupe in some bags and am not a fan of others. I just love the Lindy in etoupe - and not the Birkin, Kelly or the Bolide. I think the Lindy has an interesting enough shape that sort of 'breaks up' the color a bit. I don't know how to put it, but the shape of the Lindy doesn't make you see a large unbroken expanse of etoupe and therefore makes the bag not 'blah'.
  15. If DH doesn't like it, don't bother. There are enough other colors---cafe? ebene?. That said, I love etoupe (but gold doesn't work for me), so like Cynthia said, you have to go with what looks best. I find toundra to have too much yellow in it for my taste.