Is etain b35 too similar to black b35

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  1. I own a black b35 with ghw, and are considering an etain b35 ghw. Both are togo, are these too close? I am originally hoping to own a coloured b30 with ghw, but don't want to miss out on an etain.

    Another option is to buy the etain now, and just sell the black b later. I love both, but can't own both. I am only allowed to own a few.
  2. I love both the Etain and black. To me, the colors are quite different.
  3. They are very different colors
    Both are great versatile neutral
    However if you can only keep one.
    Hold on to your black
  4. for me they are too close, as both also in ghw. Black would still be most versatile imo. I would stick to the plan (colored b30).. if it was me, I wouldn't get a 2nd B35 just cause it's available...
  5. +1... Only one? Then keep the black with GHW.
  6. I'd keep the black gwh,.
  7. I agree with all the good advice you have received thus far. Keep the black and stick to your plan for a colored bag--don't get distracted! :smile:

  8. +1
  9. They are very different colors. Please let us know what you decided on.
  10. agreed. very different, but if theres only room for one then its the black
  11. Excellent advice.....we all get worried if we decline a bag....but another will come along that is on your list.....Don't fret dear and stick to your plan

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  12. Thank you all for your advice. I kind of leaning towards holding out for a coloured b30, and I think that's the plan. However I really like etain with ghw, if that was a b30, I think that would have been an easier decision.
  13. For me etain is the perfect hermes gray color. I wanted to order a B35 in etain but my SA said that it's not possible to order etain right now because etain is not in the colorpalette of Hermes right now. So I ordered a black birkin instead. But if I only get to own one b it would be black.
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    Back when I said to myself I only need one birkin in life :lol: I picked black. But as we all know it never just stops at one! For now I think you should really keep the black.
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