Is Epi Alma too dressy for casual, i.e. jeans???

  1. Still trying to figure which bag is most versatile Passy or Alma??
    I need an everday bag in black & I am soooo torn!
    Please let me know what you guys think. I can't seem to make a decision on this! I appreciate all your feedback!
  2. I have a black Alma and it goes beautifully with Jeans! (well maybe not a t-shirt and jeans, but you get my point...)
  3. A black epi Alma would look great with jeans and a pretty blouse.
  4. That's the beauty of Vuitton - you can dress their bags up or down!!! They look great either way!:love:
  5. I think Alma's look great both ways - formal-ish or casual!
  6. With a reasonably casual oufit- jeans fine, but mini skirt or Uggs? Un-uh.
  7. actually i think mini skirt and uggs with an epi alma wouldnt look that bad

    than again im 14 :P
  8. You're 14! You look older in your pics! in a good way of course =)
  9. hey bellabags
    my bf/dh (whatever you want to call him... maybe i shouldnt call him my dh! ha ha) anyway!!! his sister whos like 29/30 just got an Alma Black Epi... its totally to die for! last weekend we were standing at the bathroom comparing LV bags! Because she thought that monogram would of been better! BUT Epi leather is just SO darn beautiful!!!!! I've got a monogram speedy 30! BUT i totally think the Alma Black Epi is a wonderful classic bag... she's quite a causal person/smart casual person... so i totally agree... jeans and a great top will go well with the Alma Black Epi!
    GOOD LUCK with what you decide!!! you seriously can't go wrong with the Alma! :smile:
  10. Get the Alma, it's soo's one of my favorite bags! :love:
    (16) Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Alma - 970.JPG
  11. I think alma in black epi looks yummy !
  12. You guys are the best! Thanks for helping me decide. I am definitely leaning more toward the Alma. I will keep u posted & I will try to post pics so I can be apart of the fabulous Alma club!
  13. I have worn my two week old epi black alma with jeans and it looked fabulous! You will not regret it!:biggrin:
  14. I saw a pic in Vogue a few months ago of Faith Hill wearing jeans, a white blouse and carrying her Black Epi Alma and immediately had to have the bag. It's a great dress up or down (with jeans) bag. Chic bag.
  15. i have an epi alma in black and i always wear it with jeans. you can also dress it up. =) so versatile.