Is eluxury trustworthy

  1. I'm FINALLY gettin a LV. I think I just about passed out when my mom told me she would get me one for Chirstmas. ANYWAY, our LV store closed in New Orleans after Katrina and I don't feel like going to Dallas or Huston to get a purse that MAY be out of stock, since it is new. Is eluxury worth buying a LV from. They seem to be a good company, but it's always good to hear from people who's bought things from them before.

    OH YEH, its the Mono Lin Speedy that I'm happy am I!!

    Thanx, Stephanie
  2. Yes.
  3. yes it is! its the only online site that sells LV. Mono speedy is a gorgeous practical bag.. share picture once u get it :smile:
  4. Absolutely. The only other place other than LV to get brand new, fresh out of the box LV.
  5. Eluxury is owned by LV!! :yes:
  6. really, well that I didn't know. Ya'll are so helpful
  7. Yes it's the real deal! :biggrin:
  8. First off, congrats on your first LV! You'll get hooked. Secondly, eluxury is the real deal; you'll get a beautiful, brand new bag for sure.
  9. it is of course trustable, it owned by LVMH :P
  10. If you're not going to get it at the store, elux is the next best thing!
  11. you can also call the one here in dallas :biggrin: see if they have it and buy it over the phone if it is out of stock at elxury :biggrin:
  12. Not to peeve you or anything, but just make sure your bag is new. I've heard stories of Elux sometimes sending used bags or bags that have not been used but are older and have patina.
  13. really? i've never heard anything like that... eeww!
  14. Yup! They are an authorized dealer.
  15. It doesn't happen that much, but I heard it occuring a few times. I've heard of people saying bags they got from elux had patina and/or date codes that would mean the bag was from 2 or 3 years ago.