Is Eluxury down?

  1. I am having a lot of problems accessing - I keep getting error messages from AOL telling me that there is no such site - also when I try to connect from I also get an error message. Am I the only one experiencing this?
  2. I can't remember if it was Sunday or Monday when they took the site down to revamp it. Since then, it's been up and down.
  3. yup!:cursing: few days already
  4. I miss Eluxury. It hasn't been the same since Saturday.
  5. Ughh... the day I need to use eLux, I can't access it! :crybaby:
  6. It seems that they are revamping the site. When I accessed this morning it was very slow and everything I had in my shopping cart was gone. The shopping cart layout was completely different.:confused1:
  7. ^Agree. The site was soooo slow the last time I was on it!
  8. It's not been normal all weekend, besides being down for service.
    When it did finally return, the pics loaded very slowly....I also noticed they removed alot of their the antiguas, perforations, and the mini monogram lines.....
  9. :hysteric: ughh so frustrating!! rarrrrr! i've been having problems too off and on with trying to access eluxury! :cursing:
  10. Very slow to load images - frustrating.
  11. I am glad you posted about this. I can't even sign on to the site. It goes to an AOL page with other links and even when I try to click through nothing comes up.
  12. I've been having problems too. It was down for revamping all weekend, and now when I try to access it with Safari browser, my browser suddenly quits. I tried accessing it with Firefox, and it loads very slowly and gives me some alert messages about the security certificate whenever I try to log in to view my account.
  13. WTH- visiting elux is like visiting here! a daily event!
  14. When you visit or shop on eLux, I hope you all are clicking on the link that's on the main LV subforum page... tPF gets credit each time someone clicks on it & does some shopping! :supacool:
  15. I had no idea. I've always used the bookmark in my favorites. Thanks for letting us know!