Is ELUXURY and LV.Com different company?

  1. hey, i searched forum but could not find any info....moderator please move or combined if appropiate..

    i was looking at both website and found that they have different stuff. i am new ot LV and have not bought anything from them yet. Do they belgon to same company or different company?

    i was also checking the MEN briefcase and bags at and found that diffferent countries have different bags..i like the TROTTEUR SOANA and i only found it in other countries link but not in USA it because its only sold in other countries? does this apply to other LV products?

    this is from other countries

    thsis from USA

    thxs and hope someone can help me...:p:flowers:
  2. They're both owned by the same company, different inventories however.
  3. LV ownes Eluxury.
  4. thxs for clearing it up..

    so where can i buy my trotteur soana? my friend in asia already saw it in LV boutique..:confused1: i called LV today and they have no idea what i am talkgin about..:rolleyes:
  5. Patience young one.. :graucho:

    Did you give 1866 a call yet ?
  6. I bought from and the returns were to be sent to eluxury.....if that helps any. Kind of scary because my returns were all defective!
  7. I was wondering the same thing...because I was looking at some Lv wallets, and I saw price difference...E luxury was more!
  8. Louis Vuitton and Eluxury are both owned by LVMH
  9. iiwll call TODAY...:tup:
  10. They are separate companies, both owned by LVMH parent.
  11. I have wondered about this as well. I called eluxury to ask and they told me they were owned by LV.
  12. so isnt it easier if they sell same stuff so thta customers dun have ot go to 2 website:confused1:?
  13. LV owns eluxury
  14. Elux also sells other brands besides LV, whereas does not.
  15. The prices would be no different.... Eluxury would actually be cheaper because of the tax