Is Ellipse belt good for a woman?

  1. I'd like to buy a monogram belt for me..
    i like the Ellipse, but is pictured under "men" section on LV you think is unisex item?:sweatdrop:
  2. it looks verry usisex don't know why you tought the opositive as long as you don't do the Oversized buckle belts you'll be fine, heck I wanna get the denim belt and it's under womens lol and I just saw they have a new spring show belt that's of my liking they have white:drool:
  3. With what kind of outfit would you wear the Denim belt?
  4. ^denim duh j/k :p
  5. Really? Denim on denim? Hmmm...
  6. ya but you can't over do denim I would just do the belt in jeans:yes: I do have like a denim outfit with matching jacket and all but it's too much un less you can pull it off but what would really be tacky is if someone wore the LV denim capris they had with the matching jacket denim shoes and the belt to top it off oh and a Baggy GM :nuts:
  7. That would be the most horrible outfit ever! 100% fashion victim.
  8. Lol!!
  9. ^Btw sorry for derailing your thread.
  10. No problem:balloon:
  11. I had a look at the belt you mentioned in your first's quite nice, especially with gh.

    What do you think of the white multicolour belt with gh? It's very feminine and perfect for spring/summer outfits.
  12. Do you think it could be wear with everything?

    it's very nice!

    i like the monogram one b/c is timeless and i'm torn between two! LOL
  13. Which one?

    The Monogram belt goes well with most trousers/outfits: black, brown, beige, dark-coloured denim.

    For light grey, white, coloured trousers and light-coloured denim I prefer the white Multicolour belt.

    It really depends on the predominant colours in your closet, as well as on the dress-code in your office.

    If I were you, I'd see how I'll style myself for the next month(s) and then I know which belt I'll need in the immediate future.
  14. yea, why not?
  15. I'd wear the Ellipse belt! I think it's unisex