Is Edith still HOT?

  1. I know we were all clammering for them earlier this year, and a good whiskey Edith still seems next to impossible to find - but did this bag ever really "show up"? I've only seen the sharapova photo (as far as celebs with this bag) - and it seems like the buzz has gone down a bit.

    Do you think she'll pick back up for fall - or has her "it" factor worn off?

    I'm just a bit surprised - I though she would make a bigger splash?
  2. I actually have a Chloe Edith in Whiskey color. Got it in Singapore. Bag's a real charmer!
  3. i don't know it's hot or not, but it's lovely!
    i have one, and i don't buy it because it's a hot celebrity bag, but because of the style & colour.
    paddy is HOT HOT HOT in celebrities & media eyes, but personally i don't like paddy.
  4. For me, Chloe was = Paddington and Paddington was = eeeewww!!! :throwup:
    But I really fell in love w/ the Edith, she looks so HOT!!! :graucho: And the fact that you don't see her as often as a Paddington, makes she even more attractive IMO.
  5. i hope it's sort of "beyond" hot. the last thing i want to see is a celeb carrying it- they always ruin things. it's a great forever bag in my opinion. i certainly don't want our edith mixing with a fast hollywood crowd. she might get corrupted!
  6. It doesn't matter if the bag is 'hot', its more impt if it suits you! I have both the Edith and Paddington, and they're both equally great in their own special way! I love how the Edith looks like a rugged version of a Kelly bag!
  7. I think that the Edith is a classic beauty. What really matters is hot to you!
  8. I love my Edith and I think her big days will come in fall. I don't care if she's in or out, she's a classic for me and the best university bag I ever had!
  9. I think that bag is hot. I finally saw it in person at NM and Saks. I think that there isn't a wait list anymore for it, but it's still a great bag. I definitely want one.
  10. There definitely isn't a wait list anymore. They are very abundant now, even in the once hard to find color whiskey. I went to Saks last night and saw 5 Ediths in different colors. They only had 1 paddington left. I think they were slightly overhyped at the beginning because the promo shots of the Edith in the 'zines and runways were amazing! In person they are still amazing but some people may have been put off by how much the leather can vary from bag to bag. In real life, not all Ediths are scrumply, wrinkled and pebbled. A good amount of them are smooth and stiff. ALOT of people bought the Edith sight unseen. Now that they are more abundant in the department store some people choose not to buy them after seeing them.

    Then the returns start pouring in....and the returns usually are the stiff, smooth ones. The rumpled ones are kept. If only Chloe could make the leather uniform!!! Ediths definitely need to be rumpled to have that vintage appeal like in the original promo advertisement.
  11. ^^I totally agree!!

    Don't get me wrong, i'll love her regardless of if she's "hot" or not - it was just something I was curious about.
  12. I just got an Edith in Whiskey from LVR and bec it was so smooth- the front pocket- i was afraid it wasnt real. But that said I have grown to love her and everytime i have taken her out i always get compliments. I mean several times a day. I like the fact that not everyone has one. Its the kind of bag that will last for years and its getting smooshier each time i use it- BTW. but i digress- I got my LV speedy before they got really really popular with young girls and I always got compliments on it and then slowly over like a year or so EVERYONE had it and i felt sort lame carrying the same bag as everyone else. I cant turn a corner without seeing someone with a speedy- which makes me sad/mad. plus there are so many fakes of that bag it made it worse because then people almost assume yours is fake too! Chinatown in NY has like some of the best and worst fakes but they have a ton and everyone can get to them so they run rampant. Sadly i awlays found myself looking at girls bags seeing if they were real and if they werent I'd jugde them a bit. I know that terrible but i couldnt help it. SO yeah, I think Ediths will be like Vamp nailpolish. Once huge hit, then fades then A Classic. Just give it time.
  13. I think the Edith is like most other well hyped high end designer bag.... if you want to get it first season, then you get on the waiting lists. Then most times after the first season, it seems to die down some and they become 'a little bit' more plentiful. Paddy's, Dior Gaucho, YSL XL Muse, etc... all seem to go that way... Tough to get your hands on when they initially come out brand new. The Edith will always be SIZZLIN' in PF Edith Lover's eyes and that is what counts.:smile:
  14. i absolutely :heart: my edith, it'll last forever:love: !!!