Is Edith out of date?

  1. I just bought an Edith but realized they're now discontinued everywhere? (I didn't see it on netaporter/Saks/Neimans). Should I return it?
  2. No... don't return it! Its a classic! :smile: They might bring the Edith back next season. :smile:
  3. No.!
    Edith is absolute the awesomest Chloe bag :tup:
  4. haha...I seriously thought I saw a pic of Lindsay Lohan carrying it but can't find it. The reason is not because she is my idol, or would is a celebrity copycat, but because she is around the same age as I am-->Another reason I'm hesitating because I'm not sure if it's for young people or not.
  5. this thread's been viewed 15 times, less than half answered. I'm assuming the rest thinks edith is out of date? Don't worry, please answer honestly, I won't get mad haha...
  6. people probably just want to see what others think and might not post too much. I tend to do that sometimes myself if I don't feel strongly enough to post a reply.

    I personally think it's quite classic (not as much as a paddy) but it's a beautiful well made bag that has a 'classic' look. Structured bags are on there way bag in too I think. So if you :heart::heart::heart: it, keep it. If not, trade her in... Whether you got her on sale or not, it's still a nice chunk of change that I would not want to spend if I was unsure.
  7. I've had a few paddy's that I have sold because I wasn't inlove, and now I have two edith satchels that I can't stop stairing at becuase I am soooo inlove.

    Its totally true that structured bags are definitley back in.....
  8. I believe that the edith is a classic. Sometimes, companies will discontinue a bag, because they don't want it to become a "mass" market item. So the fact that they are or may be discontnued does not bother me. Also, instead of being concerned with what other's your age are carrying, think about creating your own style. You may start a whole new trend!
  9. I just bought one and I think it's classic. I'm older and prefer a mature look so I think it's perfect. It can be dressed up or down IMO.
  10. An absolute classic. There have been so many variations of the Edith which is why they may have discontinued it. Definitely a keeper!
  11. I just bought one too - it's great!
    I have wanted one it since it was first released, I figure if I still love it now, it has got to be more classic than a lot of bags. With some bags, when I look at them again after they've been around for a year or so, I wonder why they ever interested me.
    Plus, you can find them on sale now! Call Last Call Denver, they had lots yesterday!

  12. that's where I just bought mine!
  13. what color did you get?
  14. ^^chocolate. They had a whiskey and a rouge left I believe.
  15. Thanks everyone! For some reason the rouge one wasn't on sale? $765 at mine!