Is Edith Messenger leather supposed to be soft?

  1. Mine came kinda stiff.
  2. I think the newer Edith leathers are rather stiff, compared to the older Edith's. Mine is definitely a more structured bag, compared to a Paddington which is very squishy! It is a stiffer leather too.
  3. Mine is also stiff. It is structured, not soft like the other Chloes which is nice for what I want it for . :yes:
  4. My black one is kinda stiff but heard they soften with use!
  5. The newer ones are definitely stiffer. I had a new double pocket Edith for 2 weeks and it was super stiff compared to my first season Edith, which can't stand upright without lots of stuffing (see my avatar).
  6. Mine is from this year and its not stiff. I think there is a difference between stiff and structured.... mine is structured, but still pretty soft :smile:
  7. Mine was extremely stiff. So I sent it back to NAP. It just wasn't right for me.
  8. The leather softens with use, some of the newer ones, especially the ivory seems completely different.
  9. I once ordered an ivory edith messenger from NAP which is very stiff, although I love the color I sent it back b/c the leather is not what I want.:sad:
    But I'm not very clear if a different colored edith got different quality of leather, I'll wait and see what other experts will say.:search:
  10. My jade edith is soft on the sides and stiffer on the front and back. My whiskey edith hobo is soft all over. I like both of them.
  11. My Edith classic is extremely soft. It can't even stand up on its own without lots of stuffing.
  12. i have the mais messenger from lvr and it is stiff... but it's what i wanted for work... it carries documents better if you know what I mean :smile:
  13. My Edith hobo came stiff but has really softened up. I was actually really disappointed at first but after only using her for a month or so the leather has become luxuriously soft. I can't even stand the hobo up anymore and before I couldn't get her to bend!
  14. I am so glad to hear that....I tend to rotate my bags a lot! but maybe I should use my black one a lot more to get it to soften like yours!