Is eBay your "SA" ?

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  1. Hi all,

    Well, not that I'm going to be mean or anything or even call anyone out on it but...

    I've noticed some people who claim to have an "SA" are really just buying on eBay and pretending like they have that kind of relationship when they go to their boutique.

    I just think that if you buy on eBay, you should just say it and not be ashamed of it. It's great if you found a good deal. But please, just be real, and don't be ashamed. It's really quite funny. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I know some places have really great reps but I've seen with my own two eyes what it is to get VIP services done and it comes from the person above the manager. My friend has a special LV rep. in NYC that basically can get her what she wants, no Q's asked, but they have a different name for it. I'll try to find out ASAP. I can't recall the 'exact title', but it certainly isn't an SA though...

    Does anyone know the title by any chance? :heart: :smile: :heart:
  2. I haven't noticed what you are talking about. I think most people are pretty forthcoming with where they buy their bags because it's not a big deal where you get it as long as you're happy and it's real.
  3. ^^^ I agree. I guess I have missed those posts.
  4. Yah... same as elongreach, ppl i know just say they got it on EBAY, why would anyone be ashamed when they score a deal? where else are you going to find 2nd hand bags USUALLY?...
  5. I was watching The View when Monique was on there and they were talking about how nowadays it's so cool to get something on sale. Most people are trying to beat how low someone can get something. We aren't trying to pay the most for it. We want to pay the least amount for it.

  6. I don't mean to be rude, but seriously...WTF?:wacko:

    VIP????I'm just lame ass Jazz....:roflmfao:

    I've purchased over $4K in LV bags over the past year! ANY sales assistant should do whatever the hell I request.

    Make that QUEEN Jazz.:beach:

  7. Jazz, I don't understand that last sentence, but the rest I'm fairly in agreement with.
  8. I know for sure some members here have claimed a bag is from a boutique when everyone knows their eBay ID and saw they won it there. . . .
    but who cares!?
    If they're embarrassed for soem reason, who cares?
    No one here should try and make them feel bad or embarrassed for 'being caught'.
    Big whoop if someone is less than honest about something silly:shrugs:
  9. true that!!... it's better to spend less... than MORE... :wlae:
  10. yea. It's not like it's fake, it's a real bag. More power to you for getting a great bag at a great price.
  11. Who has the time to investigate where everyone gets their bags?

  12. Neither did I so I deleted it! :roflmfao:

    I will just leave it as I stated it above (without the brain freeze:lol: )
  13. I agree that getting a deal is a great thing so that's why I find it curious that some people purposely buy on eBay, and then come on the forum, blantantly pretending that their "SA" 'found' the item they were looking for. And it'll be something impossible to find like " a Cherry Blossom bag". (I'm exaggerating now but I think you get it)

    I think its 'cute' :lmao:
  14. hehe your funnY!... but yeah... all SA should do as you request... that's why their there...:graucho:
  15. Are you talking about people who find cerises pieces? Because some of those pieces can still be found in store. If you search hard enough, you can find anything.
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