is ebay worth it? (selling)

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  1. i have too many bags! Gap, Guess, Danier Leather, etc. is it worth selling some of these things off? how much could i really make? what would u sell a cute Guess bag for? or a nice leather medium sized bag? (i paid 100 Cdn for that one and used it twice!)
  2. Go into the sold bags to see what folks are getting. To do this go to advanced search and check completed items.

    Keep in mind Summer is things will pick up in September.

    I've see people have success with non-designer bags by selling in lots.
  3. I would go on eBay and see if you can find anything similar to your bag and see what it goes for. This will help you set up your aucitons too and help determine if you even want to list it.

    In my experience a lot of the chain store bags don't go for a lot. Usually something like $10-30. Most of my (often slightly) used bags I've gotten 1/3 to 1/2 of retail.