Is eBay stuck or something?

  1. I have an item - starting price was 9.99, with a BIN of 75.00. So, somebody places their 9.99 bid, and the BIN is still there. OK, "Help" says it can be there for a very short time after a bid is made - a lucky buyer could come along and snatch it up using the BIN.

    BUT NO... hours later, three bids, and the BIN is still there. No, there's not a Reserve. It's just weird.

    Am I missing something?
  2. Is the seller a powerseller? I think once the seller reaches a certain powerseller level, they get to retain the BIN option throughout the auction.
  3. Well, I am the seller, and I don't think I'm a powerseller... But I have reached my 500 mark...
  4. I am fairly sure that I recently read that eBay was experimenting with keeping the BIN price on longer even after someone has bid. I tried to double check on that but I can't figure out where the heck I read it so I could be wrong.:s
  5. I believe until it reaches about half the cost of the bin, it will stay
  6. :yes: I bid $150 for item with BIN $300 and BIN button still there. Another eBayer came and hit BIN button for $300. I lost it :crybaby: I think 4theluv is correct.
  7. OK, thanks, ladies. It makes sense. I'm torn about eBay's decision - although in this case if the BIN stays until the bidding has reached half the BIN, I guess that's OK - I've discovered that my item may be more valuable than the BIN I listed. But - that's the way it goes with selling on eBay, isn't it! Thanks again!
  8. i actually like their little experiment...there was an item i was bidding on, starting $39.95 with a BIN of $65. i put a bid of $40 up and the BIN dissapeared....
  9. oh, I didn't realise this new feature.
  10. Yes, I've noticed this, recently, too. :yes:

    I couldn't understand what was going on! :shrugs: