Is ebay really increasing screening of bbags?

  1. I'm sooo frustrated with eBay, but also curious.

    After trying to relist a bag that didn't sell, I contacted them when it hadn't shown up in listings after 7 hours (now almost 10). The rep. said the item is "still being reviewed by my trust and safety team" which may take up to 12 hours. I pointed out that it was a relist, there was no problem with original listing, and that I have great feedback for selling authentic bags. When I asked what criteria they were using to decide if an item requires evaluation, he said it would be "every listing has the brand on their title and description" not just my listing.

    I said that I thought eBay needed to do a better job of screening, but that it's a bit frustrating to wait that long (1/2 day is a substantial percentage of time of a brief listing).

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has this experience or learns anything about eBay having a new policy.
  2. Trust me, its a GOOD thing. Have you noticed no more of those lamo chinese b bags with the stolen images going for 79.00 or whatever they were going for? Personally I think the number of hours is worth it but sorry it happened to YOU!
  3. welp, i can't say that it's 100% a good thing, since e-bay's hurting good, honest, long-time members like myself in the process with all their ridiculous restrictions & pulled's like being wrongly accused of a crime & tossed in jail with the criminals when you're completely innocent...i'm totally against all the fakes & scammers, but the way they're going about it discriminatory & just flat out wrong :yucky:...they need to hire some experts in high-end goods since they've got no idea what they're doing!!!
  4. I have mixed feelings. I did notice that almost all of the listing today appear authentic, which is nice. If this is going to be their policy, maybe they should be clear that it may take 12 hours, so sellers can plan accordingly. Or maybe not start the clock on the listing until it actually shows up. I'm very curious about who is evaluating them and what criteria they are using.
  5. sadly, that's not true, because i went thru & reported at least 10-20 fake b-bags up there within an hour time frame today :censor:...who knows how many more were listed throughout the day that i didn't makes me so mad because they let those obvious fakes pass, but have the nerve to pull mine down!!!
  6. aaa, citychris -- this is not directed at you personally. i was going to start a thread on this in the ebay forum.

    I think it is a good thing too and even if I get caught in this, I won't be mad. After all, ebay is a business and they have the right to run their business as they please. I think if people paid a membership fee then I can see why they would be angry but, as I see it, selling and buying on ebay is a privilege. ebay has no idea who is legit and so I would not take it personally as they are doing the best they can. Seems that everybody is criticizing ebay but at the same time they want to use their service which sort of seems odd to me. If they say I can only sell a bag a year, that is one more bag than I can sell elsewhere because, as it stands, ebay is really the only option out there. When it comes down to it, ebay owes us nothing and we have no right really to be angry with them. They have to deal with thousands of sellers/buyers and thousands of listings so I can't see how we expect them to really know each seller and track each seller's history. Also, they deal with so many other goods and while Balenciaga is our world, it is only a small part of the ebay world. I don't think it is realistic to expect them to have it all figured out. Really, the only way they can handle all the fraud is to either prevent people from listing designer bags all together or impose restrictions. Given those choices, I opt for the latter. Sorry for my rant but I am pretty thankful that ebay exists because I have found great bags there and have been lucky enough to sell some too and I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I also believe that the more people complain to them, the more resources they will have to devote to answer these complaints and this will just end up hurting buyers and sellers (that is, higher costs, etc..).

  7. I was soooo......frustrated last night when three of my listings were taken off (of course, all authentic) due to trademark issues. :crybaby: I shot them a nasty email, which I have not gotten a reply to yet. I also do not see one of my handbag listings that I listed about 6 hours ago. Yes, it is a good thing for buyers, but for those of us who have been selling authentic items for a while- it can be unfair and quite unjust. I would like to know who is "reviewing" these items.
  8. It's ridiculous. Period. I listed something yesterday afternoon at 4:00 pm. Looked for it to show up all evening until midnight. Stumbled downstairs at 1:30 this morning half asleep to check again, only to find that had still not showed up. When I checked again at 7:30, it was there.

    As far as I'm concerned, I am paying for a 7 day listing and I'm not getting my money's worth. It wasn't so much an issue when listings took maybe 2 or 3 hours to show up but this is absurd. It's very critical for a seller to have their auctions begin when they feel they will get the most watchers. They wasted my entire evening I am sure it cost me potential bids.

    I know eBay has a business to run and because of all the trouble they've been in lately with counterfeiting issues, they need to take some sort of action. But this is something they should have handled from the start. They are the ones that have allowed their site to continue to be flooded with fakes. Fakes that they have made millions of dollars on by the way.

    I can see this new program being beneficial for a potential buyer. But sellers are getting screwed. And what do we get for our trouble? Fee increases.
  9. I agree that its better that they are trying to prevent fake bbags or any other designer items from being listed, BUT they should not start the clock until it is actually listed. I am so sorry to hear about your experiences with ebay pulling your AUTHENTIC listings (city and aaa) that really sucks, but eventually this screening will hopefully pay off!!
  10. Great thread Chris ~
    i didn't know why it took so long to show up ~ wondering what is true. Same thing happened to me. Listing a Chanel. Took about 15 hours and not being told this is what they are doing is very frustrating. I never heard asked either ~ why not a credit of some sort. I see there fees are going up at the end of the month too. If it is true and weeding out the fakes ~ that is a good thing but TELL SELLERS~ it would make sense and you can list at a good time so it starts at the time you want. Again great posting

    Linda Marie
    Ps good luck
  11. I totally agree with your comment. :nuts: Screening with low ability to justify authentic from fake. They need to hire experts. Ebay totally :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: .

    Recently removed my authentic bags but let fakes go through. :yucky:
  12. It will take a class action suit by some group to get them to start the actual time of listing after it's been though VERO. Then again, you would have no control of the ending time...
  13. You will absolutely get an e-mail with links and repeated information that you have already read through when you received last removed items mail notice. Ebay suck!
  14. I hate to say this because it sounds like I am not sympathetic but I am sure their answer to anyone who complains is "if you don't like the way we run things, then don't use our service." I would do the same thing. I sound like the devil here but I am just trying to give perspective. The more people complain, etc... the more the costs will go up and this could eventually result in ebay going out of business. I imagine some new company will come along but I can almost guarantee the same things will happen.
  15. welp, nothing against anyone here, but all i can say is that if e-bay goes out of business, it's because what goes around, comes around :hysteric:...they don't know how to operate their business the right way & like someone else said, they've made millions off letting all of these fake sellers sell's only because they're getting sued big time that they're trying to change their ways...they're just as unethical as all the scammers who use their site...i wish another big online trading site would open up, because i'd be happy to join!!! :wlae: