Is Ebay cracking down on fakes?

  1. Someone listed a Gucci boston bag, which was obviously fake to me. I just noticed it today. It had 4 hours left and over 48 bids and the current bid was over $600.00. For a FAKE. :yucky: I reported it and the listing was removed. I reported others in the past and nothing was done...are they making it tougher to sell fakes on Ebay? I sure hope so!
  2. I hope so. Maybe right now it takes several reports. It would be nice and seems like an easy solution would be to have people work for eBay taking down obvious fakes to protect their customers in at least that department. Would be nice.
  3. I hope so!! :rant:
  4. I totally agree.....Hopefully someone at ebay will suggest this same solution....Now THAT would be an interesting job!!!!
  5. I doubt it, maybe b/c you said something they acted! I am not sure if anyone has checked out the gucci listings on eBay lately but there is someone who sold over the weekend - I would say at least 100 purses under $100 and then charged some astronomical shipping fee - $38.00 - $45.00 - and the listings we one followed by another - I didn't see any of those removed and those clueless people thinking they are getting a good deal are actually getting scammed! NOT FAIR! EBAY should be doing something, but they are not - b/c no listing no money for eBay!!!