Is eBay Allowing Anything These Days?

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  1. Are those bracelets something that is commonly faked (hence the certificate would give an unwary buyer a sense of security?)
  2. Yes!!

    I see no legitimate reason why an honest buyer would buy these! But there are lots of reasons why dishonest buyers would do it. (And TBH, IMO an honest seller wouldn't sell them either!)

    ETA: Certificates are faked too so who knows whether this seller is selling real certs.

    And to reinforce my point, these are just a few of the certificates that the seller already sold:

    on Feb. 28:
    on Feb. 26:
    on Feb. 24:
    on Jan. 28:
    on Jan. 30:

    And older, no longer viewable - scroll down:

    I rest my case!
  3. Yes. They're all over on eBay, Bonanza, etc. A few examples:

    I agree. Sad thing is, you can report the certificates until you're blue in the face and eBay won't remove the listings.

  4. OMG!! :faint:
  5. Ugh! Seeing this just makes me sick. :sad:
  6. You and me both.

    I'm sure others here have alerted on these, yet they're still there. :nogood:
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