Is eBay a Factor When Your Choose Your Coach?

  1. I wonder if other people do this....

    When buying a bag, do you think about the possible resale value? I know I do this sometimes when deciding on a bag. For example, I'm afraid of light colored interiors because they stain so easily, and so I would shy away from a light colored bag if I wanted to sell it in a year or two to make room for a new bag.

    I tend to buy bags that are more classic and durable, try to take care of them (without being insane about it since I have three kids and can only be so careful), so that when I sell them, they'll be in the best possible shape.

    I also try to think of the next person buying it; I'd want to pass along a well-cared for bag, so I believe there's a bit of Coach karma happening there.

    Does anyone else think about this when deciding on a bag? :confused1:
  2. Nope - I don't. I buy what I love and usually have absolutely NO intention of reselling it... although I usually do after awhile. :p Only a handful of bags have I kept for a long time.
  3. I used to (with other brands), but now I try to buy more classic shapes/colors so I won't be as tempted to sell it off so fast. I buy with the intention of passing the bags on to my daughter (if I ever have one!) or maybe nieces...even my boyfriend's younger sisters.
  4. No, not really. It's just an added bonus for me if after using the bag for a while and getting tired of it, I'd still be able to resell it. Otherwise, I don't factor the resale value into my choice of Coach bag.
  5. No, my plan is always to keep the bag forever, doesn't always work out though.
  6. Not really, but I usually know I will end up selling it.. it's just a matter of time. :rolleyes: Coach usually has such good resale that I love the idea that if I don't end up loving it or find something else I can get part of my money back. :tup:
  7. AMEN, SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes:
  8. Nope. I just sold 2 bags recently but before that, I think its been almost 7 years since the last time I sold one.
  9. Yes, that is a consideration for me. Whether it is with my clothes, my daughter's clothes, purses, anything really - I always try to consider the resale. I guess that's what a few years of ebaying does to a girl.
  10. Not at all. I hate, hate, HATE eBay; a few bad sellers and scary stories have scared me away permanently!
  11. I havent sold any of my coach bags on eBay or anywhere else. I get too attached to them and just cant bring myself to do it!
  12. Nope, I just buy what I love and I never have any intention of selling them at all.
    I love all of my Ali's and really could not see myself parting with any of them - especially my black and brown ones. I tend to like color so I buy what makes me happy. I did sell
    seven bags on eBay earlier this year but they were styles from 10 years ago and I just was not carrying them. They were the first bags I have ever sold on ebay.
  13. This is a new thing for me, I guess, since I went many years in between buying Coach bags, and once I fell in love with Legacy 06 and a couple of others, I found I didn't want to have too many bags in my closet--it's really a personal thing--less is often more for me. I get overwhelmed with too many choices!

    I tend to gravitate toward classic styles, browns and earth tones, so those are my first choices but I now also think at times, "Will you love this bag in a few years?" For me, I guess there were a lot of styles I liked last year, and so something had to go--for me, it was older bags!

    Maybe it's because I've recently ebayed a few older bags that this is on my mind.

    I will say eBay can be a hassle as a seller,'s making me more cautious about which bags I buy in the first place so I don't have to do this often!
  14. I, in general, don't like light colored bags.. So.. x_o
  15. not at all. I buy what I love and if I love it, I'm not planning on selling it anytime soon. I just try to take care of my bags for myself. I want them to last and if I happen to sell it down the road, it will be in good condition as well.