Is EB a flop????

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  1. Hi you all,:shrugs:

    As you know I am getting my EB work giant sgh tomorrow I am starting to worry
    about this color??
    Was it a mistake to buy it??
    Why arent`t there more pf`er reporting about this color, which sounded it would
    be a hit?:confused1:
    Is it maybe because there are not too many bags for sale yet??:crybaby:
    Any input would be appreciated.:s

  2. Bye the way, I do like the pic (my aviator) BalNY sent me, but I`m not
    sure what lies in the package tomorrow Thursday?

    Will i be dissapointed???:sad:
  3. I for one, haven't seen any it could just be that it hasn't really hit the stores like the other colors. Don't worry...first enjoy the getting you already bought it.
  4. Don't worry, I think it will be gorgeous!! If it looks anything like your pic in your avatar, it is going to be to die for!!:drool:

    I just don't think anyone has got one yet. YOU are the lucky one with one on the way!

    I can't wait to see your pics!!
  5. Seriously, don't worry yet, we haven't received good lighting pictures yet so tomorrow, please be sure to post pictures and here's hoping the color is gorgeous because a lot of us want the color to be gorgeous. No worries til tomorrow. Obviously if you dont like it, send it back, but worry about that bridge when you cross it.
  6. I think it's too early to tell.

    But... there has been a lot of anticipation about this color and I think the bar has been set very very high. And we all have our own ideas of what this color should be--bright, deep, lighter, darker, etc. The name itself may have something to do with it.

    I am aflutter over Sky Blue which has been a bit of a sleeper in posts. It will be intersting to see what the hit ends up being.

    Do post photos of your bag though!
  7. I thought it was reminded me a bit of Blue India (but darker). Also, I think the lack of discussion is more because it hasn't hit the stores yet...I have only seen one small item so far out of two stores with significant Balenciaga inventories.

    It is a lot different from what I think people expected, so I am guessing that the people who were excited about it may be disappointed, but the people who weren't thinking they'd like it (or were unsure) may end up really loving it.
  8. I agree, expectations can often be higher than the actual item so that when it arrives, there is disappointment. I do think that its name as well can make alot (myself included) make us think that its a very 'electric' almost glowing kinda blue.

    Like an intense pop blue that has fire to it. Hence the term 'electric.'

    I think its best at this point for those who have not seen it to let the pics do the talking when they start getting posted. Plus its only a matter of days before everywhere starts getting hit with it too.
  9. i call this empty worrying. why worry when you guys have the option to return? wish i have this option at all! :hysteric:and really, why did you get this colour in the first place? cos it's going to be a hit? but YOU have to like it first, right? ;)
  10. I purchased this bag when I got the pic from the SA at BalNY.
    It just looks more intense as the color "Ocean" which actually I had
    a daybag in this color, though I was longing for a workbag, then the EB
    came along.
    From seeing this color blue, it is more gorgeous than the ocean blue sgh.
    Maybe not electric, it`s so misleading.
    But the name is all made up for marketing.....
  11. probably, and i give you credit for being lucid enough to realise it :lol: i do believe EB and Ocean are quite different, Swissflower. now relax and make the decision when you get the bag :biggrin:
  12. I think you may be jumping the gun. Just wait until it arrives and then decide if you love it or not. But either way- please post pictures in all kinds of lighting please :flower:
  13. Yes , I will, Alaska, I just jumped the gun, because I knew everybody was
    waiting for EB, but now it`s so quiet in the pf and no-one has started
    to chat about it.
    It may be better than we expected.
    Still I love blue colors.

  14. I love your violet bag!!:heart:
  15. Swissflower, I was wondering if that was an EB in your aviator!! If that is really what EB looks like, I think that it will be soooo gorgeous!!